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What Not To Do When Talking To Kids

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Yes, conversations with your child are important as they help you strengthen the bond and also give you an opportunity to teach them something.

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Also, when you are talking to your child, remember that you are under the scanner. Your child observes everything. Your behaviour counts. You can't afford to be rude or arrogant.

If you want to get your message across, you must be able to frame and package it well so that your kids can easily understand it and take it in the right spirit.

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Now, that you know about the importance of talking to your child, here are some things you shouldn't do during the process.

What Not To Do When Talking To Kids

What Doesn't Work When Talking To Your Child

Even if you want to command, refrain from giving commands as children are not servants to obey you. Frame your sentences in a soothing way to get the desired results.


If you wish to warn your kids, find a better way as threatening them might not get you the result. It may just scare your kid. Also, your kids might start hating you.

Be a good listener if your kids speak up. Disagreeing immediately may make them dislike you.


Control yourself when you get tempted to sound judgemental. Sometimes, suspending your judgement may help in better conversations.

Making fun of or ridiculing kids or even adults during a conversation may kill their spirit.

These are just a few things. If you know of any such steps to be taken while talking to kids, please share them with us.

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Story first published: Tuesday, September 29, 2015, 7:04 [IST]
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