Tips To Make Your Little One Eat

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The most common complain of every mother is that the child is not eating their food properly. They think that the child is missing out on food. It is just the point of mother's concern. They are over concerned and don't realise the child eats enough to get their nutrition. Never over stuff them.

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Studies suggest that the child grows for 15 days of the month. The rest of the days, the body reacts to the changes. But if you are still concerned, you need to try some tips to make your children eat. Today, in this article, we are here to discuss about tips to make your little ones eat.

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Take Their Help While Cooking

Give a bowl to them and and handover few peas or nuts and tell them you both are going to make some interesting food for the day. See them getting involved. This way it makes them happy and they will gulp the food easily.


Never Insist On Eating

If the child doesn't feel like eating at that moment, make sure you do not turn harsh and force them to eat. This makes them get cranky.


Try Culinary Tips

Arrange the colorful veggies in a plate and spread it across. Make them count them and eat one by one. By doing so, they learn a bit of math as well.


Never Manipulate Or Bribe

If the kid tells they do not want the food, do not bribe them immediately and ask them to finish their plate as they will learn how to manipulate you later.


Be Patient Enough

Handling a child is no fun. Understand that the child might not be willing to eat immediately. Once they feel hungry you can offer them again and they tend to eat well after that.


Never Feed While They Are Crying

If the child is crying when they are being fed they tend to spit the food out. This can cause choking as well. So instead, eat along with them and tell how tasty it is and see them slowly approach towards you to eat.

These are the few points a mother can follow to feed their little ones. If you have any more tips or have experiences to share, please mention them in the comments section.

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Story first published: Friday, September 11, 2015, 15:10 [IST]
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