Things To Keep In Mind While You Wash Kids Clothes

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The skin of children is definitely more delicate than ours. This makes them prone to many skin infections and allergies. Among the many factors that can make your kids ill, their dress plays a crucial role. As a parent, it is your responsibility to make sure that your kid’s dress is not only clean, but also hygienic.

We all carry a lot of dust and dirt from the environment. This is comparatively more in the case of children because they spend most of their time playing outdoors and therefore come in direct contact with other children who have infections.

Removing stains is not enough, when you are washing your kid’s cloths. You have to keep it free from the infection-causing bacteria and germs as well.

It is recommended to wash your kid’s clothes separately with Dettol or other disinfectants. This is more important in the case of babies because of their very weak immune system.

You should take care of not only washing their clothes perfectly, but also drying them properly. Drying clothes under direct sunlight is very important to remove germs and bacteria. Here, we will discuss some of the most important reasons why your kid's clothes must be washed with care.

maintaining hygiene in kids clothes

Avoid Infections
If you are using washable and reusable diapers for your toddlers, it is important to wash it carefully. Remove all remnants of washing powder or soap from the clothes.

Dry the cloth in direct sunlight, as it can act as one of the most effective antiseptics. Avoid using fresheners in your baby's clothes, as it may cause allergies. This is one of the reasons why your kid's clothes must be washed with care.

washing kids clothes

Prevent Allergies

If your kid complains of constant itching, note that the reason cannot always be prickly heat. The dress that they wear may also create problems.

The chemical dyes that are used on the clothes can be allergic for some children. Keeping your child's clothes neat is important to prevent allergies that can come in due to dust and other foreign allergens.

things to keep in mind while you wash

Remove Sweat
Spending long hours playing outdoors can cause a lot of sweating in your children. If you do not keep your kid's clothes neat, chances are more that you are giving the bacteria a nice place to live in. This will be more around the waist, back, thighs, groin and armpit regions. Don’t allow your kids to wear any dress that is not washed after sweating.

Undergarment Care
Undergarments need more care when compared to other dresses, as it usually comes in direct contact with the skin. Since the skin around the genitals are more sensitive, chances are more for infections.

Sweat can also accumulate in the undergarments, causing fungal infections. Dry these clothes under the direct sunlight before you make your kids wear them.

why you should take care of your kids clothes

Washing New Clothes
The azo-aniline dyes seen in most synthetic textiles are responsible for triggering skin allergies. The skin can become scaly or itchy when we use such fabrics. This can be more in the areas of friction or sweating.

So, it is always better to wash the new clothes of kids, before they wear it for the first time. Also, the humidity in the packing during shipping of the product with new clothes can be a good environment for the bacteria to grow on.

Therefore, be aware of these reasons why your kid's clothes must be washed with care.

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