Is Your Kid Addicted To Sugar?

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Is your child addicted to sugar? Well, to prevent such a situation, parents can carefully design a strategy. If parents are very careful about the kind of food the kid gets exposed to, sugar addiction can be prevented.

Signs That Your Child Is Over Scheduled

If you are careless about what your kids eat, then it is very easy for your kid to become a slave to the temptations of sugar.

How To Help A Child Who Worries Too Much

So, here are some simple ways in which you can deal with a child addicted to sweets.

Kid Addicted To Sugar | Child Addicted To Sweets

Is Your Kid Addicted To Sugar?

Give Small Treats To Your Kids

Give Small Treats To Your Kids
Though you may think that avoiding sweets totally may be good for your kids, it may be counterproductive as they may pick such eating habits from elsewhere. Offer sweets in very small quantities and only occasionally.

Portion Size
Maintain the portion size very carefully in order to keep the consumption to a minimum. Otherwise, your kids may develop the addiction soon.

Curb Emotional Eating Behaviours

Curb Emotional Eating Behaviours
Don't try to offer sweets to change the mood of your kids. When your kid is upset, you may feel like making him normal by offering some sweets but it may cultivate a bad eating habit called as emotional eating.

Be A Good Parent
Remember that your kids try to imitate you. So, don't eat sweets in front of them. That might tempt them too.

Educate Them

Educate Them
Teach your kids about the health risks of consuming too much sugar. This may gradually educate them a bit about the health dangers of eating too many sweets.

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Story first published: Friday, September 18, 2015, 6:08 [IST]
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