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5 Very Important Manners To Teach Your Kids


Teaching a child manners can be a herculean task for parents. Most of the time, children aren't intentionally rude to people around them. They fail to understand the implications of being rude to people around them, including their parents. In this article, we look at 5 basic manners to teach your kids. You must know that these manners need to be incorporated in your kids before they fail to understand what the importance of these manners.


So let us go ahead and look at these 5 important manners to teach your kids. Read on...


Saying Please When They Want Something

One of the foremost things kids need to be taught, especially when they fail to realize the gravity of good manners, is saying please. The more they are taught, the more they will understand the importance of using the word please before they ask for something they want.


Saying Thank You

Kids must know the importance of saying thank you. It sure will take them a long way in respecting people and spreading joy, something that seems to be missing in today's world.


Not interrupting

Once again, kids do not realize the importance of not interrupting when people are speaking. Teach them to be good listeners and not abruptly interrupt when people are having a conversation. But once you teach them that and they realize the importance of not interrupting, get back to them once done with your conversation.


Keeping Negative Opinions To Themselves

Kinds must be taught that the world doesn't really care about the negative opinions individuals may or may not have. Teach your kids not to be negative. Teach them to accept the world and see positivity in people around them and the things they do.


Not Commenting On Others

Last but not the least, this important characteristic must be part of your child's demeanour and tendency. Teach your kids not to comment on physical appearances, or anything for that manner.

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Story first published: Friday, September 12, 2014, 8:43 [IST]
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