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How To Stop Your Child's Aggressive Behaviour


You must know how to stop your child's aggressive behaviour especially when you see such patterns of behaviour. When your kid is restless, you might observe certain signs of aggression. He or she may start yelling or screaming. Sometimes, you might even fail to control the aggression in your child. But that is the time, you must first understand that your child's aggression is nothing but his way of asking you how to control impulses. You should never react violently in such situations.

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Most of the parents lose patience when their kids display aggressive behaviour. But trying to shout at kids or slapping them might not work well when it comes to controlling the restlessness in them. You must first know how to stop your child's aggressive behaviour. Parenting mistakes might turn out to spoil the kid's emotional and psychological growth. Now, here are a few steps on how to stop child aggression. Read on for some parenting tips.

How to stop your child's aggressive behaviour?

Record Everything

Observe your child's behaviour in various situations and record the exact situations and behaviours. This data is very important in order to gain an insight over your child's behaviour. Normally, aggressive kids get restless when their brains find nothing to focus their energies on. For example, when the kid is waiting in the classroom for the class teacher to come, he or she might get restless. In such situations, if the child is kept busy, then the chances of aggressive incidents may decrease.

Identify the Triggers and Do Something About Them

You must keep an eye on what triggers that restless feeling in your kid. If you know what triggers those behavioural patterns, you can either eliminate the triggers or at least train your kid to deal with such situations in a different way. Parenting involves all these steps. It is very important to take the necessary steps during childhood.

Teach Your Kid How To Calm Down

Calming down the mind is an art and as adults, we sometimes fail in keeping ourselves calm. But it is very essential to teach kids about the importance of keeping calm in almost all stressful situations. It is about never losing sanity. You must know how to stop child aggression.

Never Yell In Front Of Your Kid

If you display bad behaviour patterns in front of your kid, you can never expect your kid to be a well-behaved grown up. You must be very careful about your behaviour and how as an adult you conduct yourself in front of your children. Remember the fact that your kids imitate you. You must know how to reduce aggression in toddlers. If you set a bad example, you can never expect good behaviour from your children after they grow up.

Teach Your Kid How To Channelise The Aggression

The best way to deal with aggressive energy is by channelising it in the right way. It is better to involve your kid in sports and other activities which involve physical activity. If your kid enjoys a game, allow him or her to play that game after school so that the energies in him or her will cool down a bit. You must understand the fact that aggression is nothing but energy that is waiting to explode. If the energy is used up well in a constructive way, there will never be a destructive situation.

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Story first published: Wednesday, December 10, 2014, 18:33 [IST]
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