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Parenting Tips To Discipline Child

By Asha Das

Parenting is both challenging and rewarding. Getting your child disciplined is not a difficult job, if you have good planning, creativity and timings. If you are planning to take an initiative to implement discipline measures on your kids, you will definitely find it difficult to get the right choices. The first step of disciplining should start from the family and you should be consistent about its execution. But at the same time, it is important not to let your kids feel that you are trying to change, restrict or abolish any of their habits.

Disciplining is not always restriction. It should be positive and motivating. It should teach the child to think and act. Do not expect that you can change an already established bad habit of your kid with one or two trials. It will take time. So, it is always better to make them disciplined from an early stage onwards. Disciplining techniques vary with the age of kids, but here are some general guidelines for making your children well disciplined. Try it out.

Prefer not to hit: Hitting may not be a good choice to implement discipline. In most cases, children may not be able to correlate their behaviour with your punishments. They will not understand the reason for getting punished and they will repeat it. Moreover, hitting can make the child stubborn.

Let them know the reason of your ‘no': Explain your reason for saying no to anything and be sure that your child understands it correctly. This will help them to think twice before repeating it.

Be clear about the rules: You should have a clear idea about the rules you set for your kid. Changing your attitude and opinions according to your convenience will make the child confused. You and your partner should have the same opinion on a particular rule. Otherwise, the child will not understand which one to follow.

Guide them, do not force: You should teach them to think wisely instead of forcing them to behave in the way you want. Forcing may work in one particular situation, but it will not make your child confident to face any other similar situation.

Watch your commands: This is important since kids have a natural tendency to disobey commands. If you are telling ‘John, come and sleep now, chances are more for them to obey you than telling ‘John, go and sleep now'

Understand child's development: You should focus not only on your kid's physical development, but also on their mental or emotional development. You should know what all things your child can understand and how they are processing information. This will help you to decide when to implement any disciplinary actions.

Be a good example: No doubt, your children are learning from you. Try to follow good practices in your home. Remember this parenting tip to discipline your child as they are watching you always.

Listen to them: Give chance and time to your kids, if they want to convey something about their deeds. Refusing to hear them will not make them disciplined.

Say their name first: What grabs the attention of your kid the most is their name. Call them with affection first and then give the command. If you are telling "Keep that book on the table, John', he is not going to hear anything before his name.

Let them free: Give your children all the freedom to live their life, while watching them not to cross their limits. Remember not to make them feel that you are restricting them all the time.

Try these parenting tips to discipline your child.

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Story first published: Tuesday, April 2, 2013, 18:30 [IST]
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