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Does Your Teen Have Eating Disorder?

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Parenting teens is not easy at all. Especially in the modern world, where the kids are exposed to so much media and Internet, it becomes difficult to deal with a growing child. We all know that teens are prone to eating disorders of many types. But that is just statistics and information for us. We do not process it into knowledge and that is why, many cases of eating disorders among teens go unnoticed for months.

You have to understand that your kid is going through the same teenage problems like peer pressure, hormonal outbursts and a low self esteem. A teenager has the perfect combination of emotions that you need to develop an eating disorder.

Here are some ways to identify signs of eating disorders among teens.


Skipping Breakfast: Parents assume that the kid is getting late for school and therefore skipping breakfast, but that may not be the case. Most often, kids who skip meals have some or the other form of eating disorder. If your child is skipping meals regularly, then you need to be watchful.

Exercising for too long: This is a symptom of an eating disorder called anorexia. Mostly, girls stop eating and guys take to excessive exercising when they are anorexic. It is better to monitor the time your kid is spending in the gym or playing so that you know what is going on.

Rejecting their favourite foods: Suppose your daughter just loves chocolate mousse and suddenly starts avoiding it. You presume that teenagers are fickle and keep changing their tastes. But you could be ignoring a sign of eating disorder in your teenage kid. Talk to your child to find out why they don't like a particular dish anymore. While parenting teenagers, you need to talk them like friends to draw out their worst fears.

Eating too much: Most parents are happy when their kid shows a healthy appetite. But you must learn to distinguish between a healthy appetite and binge eating. If your child eats even when he or she is not hungry, then they are eating for sports. The cause of this could be depression and you need to take the child to a counselor immediately.

Spending too much time in the bathroom: Bolemia is another eating disorder that makes the victim puke out all the food after eating it. If your kid is taking too many trips to the bathroom, especially after meals, you need to check on him/her.

These are some ways of preventing your teen-kid from developing eating disorders. Do you see any of these symptoms in your child?

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Story first published: Tuesday, November 27, 2012, 15:30 [IST]
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