Relative Care For Your Child

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No one wants to leave their children under the responsibility of others. But under certain circumstances parents are forced to hand over their child care responsibilities to someone else's authority. So, they consider it better to leave them under relative care rather than under the care of someone unknown. Bu,t there are two sides of the same coin. If it was a nanny or a day care centre, you could say them if your child was neglected in some way. But it is definitely not the same with relative care. So, you have to train your children first before giving them away for relative care.

Check what you can do to make child care under your relatives work well.

Relative Care For Your Child

Discipline- Teaching discipline to your kids must be your first priority. Children are always pampered. But over indulgence can spoil them. You may tolerate their nuisances, but not others. Your relative might just give up one day on your child or behave rudely with him/her in your absence. To ensure that there is a proper child care, just teach enough discipline on how to behave before others and not to show their stubborn attitude before elders.

Offer Money- You should definitely offer money to the relatives who are taking care of your child. And if they are unwilling to take, then give them gifts or offer other services. Nothing comes for free. Moreover if someone is spending their precious time behind your child, then you too should take care of them in some way.

Food- For a proper child care just ensure that the food habits of your child is clear to your relatives. If necessary give them a list of his/her food habits. Say if they like solid or liquid foods. Its better if you try to arrange for the food requirements for the whole day and then leave for work.

Play things- You might pamper your children, but others might not. Children love to play whenever they have time for it. So whenever you send your children to someone else's place, give them their toys along. Also give the books and games that they want to play with. Inform your relatives about their play time and favourite games.

Sleep- Every child has a sleep time of his/her own. Just let your relatives know of it so that they can feed your child on time and make them sleep. The child gets irritated if his/her quota of sleep is not fulfilled.

If you find that there is no proper child care in your relatives house then back out immediately and consider other options.

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