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7 Life Lessons For Your Kid

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 Life Lessons For Your Kid
We might have not realised but a lot of our personality has been molded by our parents upbringing. On hindsight, a lot of the good qualities we possess today are due to our parents. All parents pass on some life lessons to their kids so that the young ones know how to survive in this world. These lessons are based on their personal experiences. If you want to pass on few good lessons to your child, start from the age when he/she is a kid. Lets look at some important lessons of life that every parent should share with their kids.

1. Respect Elders- This is one of the most important topic when it comes to lessons of life. Teaching our children to respect elders will make them well behaved. This is required as the behaviour of your child reflects what you have taught them.

2. Honesty– You might have heard “Honesty is the best policy”. If you pass on this life lesson to your kid, he/she would gain out of it in the future. The child will turn out to be honest in his/her personal life and career.

3. Failures are a part of life- Children should be taught that they are bound to fail in life at some point or the other. Many parents create a fuss if their child fails to accomplish. Be it education, sports or other activities, make your child accept that failure is a part of life. Failure is the key to success so, due to this the young ones shouldn’t break their heart. This also motivates the child to work harder and become mentally strong!

4. Empathy- Children should be taught not only to think about themselves but, for others as well. Do not forget that you too can go through a bad phase. If you remain selfish, you will be all alone when you need utmost support from others! So, be empathetic. This lesson will lead them to be a helpful person as an adult.

5. Sharing is Caring- Children should be taught to always offer their food, toys etc. to anyone known around them. This makes them an active social individual as they will learn how to mingle better with people.

6. Hard Work- Laziness in children leads them to be lazy adults. They should not be spoon fed for everything. Make them responsible when they start understanding basic things and requirements of life. Pampering is healthy for a relationship but excessive pampering will only spoil your child.

7. Public Decorum- Children should be taught to behave well in public and refrain from shouting and creating a scene. This will prove that they have been trained well from their parents.

We know childhood should be a fun period but at the same time, parents need to make sure that important life lessons are conveyed effectively.

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Story first published: Wednesday, May 16, 2012, 18:30 [IST]
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