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Know Why Kids Have Hearing Problems?

By Sneha

Many kids suffer from hearing problems. But, the irony is that many a times the symptoms are completely neglected that leads to further hearing loss in the kids and may even lead to deafness. It is better to know the possible causes of hearing impairment in kids so that you can be cautious about it. Here are a few causes of hearing loss in kids.

Hearing Loss

Ear Infection- Many a times as the ear lobes of a kid are not fully developed they have a ear infection, especially in the middle ear. This is because a fluid starts building up behind the ear lobe. This might not be infectious but, need medical attention and treatment. Many a times we tend to neglect these problems as such. But, this might even lead to a permanent hearing loss in kids.

Mother- If the mother of the child had developed any kind of a severe infection during pregnancy like German measles and toxoplasmosis then there is a chance that the child born might have hearing problems as a kid. Also if the baby was born underweight or was born before the stipulated period, they might have hearing problems as a kid. If the mother had developed diabetes while pregnant, that too could be one of the factors responsible.

Genetics- If in any case the child develops hearing problems by genetics then there is very little that you can do. Many a times it so happens that some member of the family had a hearing loss problem, and the same is passed onto the kid.

Diseases- A kid might also have hearing loss due to some diseases. These diseases are meningitis, measles, encephalitis, chickenpox and influenza. A hearing loss in kids may also occur if accidentally they get a hurt on their head.

Loud Noise- Some external factors like loud noises gives rise to hearing problem in kids. This might be irreversible damage to the ear drums and lead to a permanent hearing loss in your kids. So, is it not better to keep them away from such loud noises?

Blood Transfusion- Some of the worst diseases spread in this manner. If your kid has ever required a blood transfusion, then it might so happen that the DNA in the blood transmitted had some problem. This might cause a hearing impairment in kids.

Brain And Nerve Disorder- Your kid might have a problem hearing even due to the brain and nerve disorder. But you cannot know it unless you diagnose the problems of your kid with a doctor.

Do not ever neglect any ear problem in your kids and consult with a doctor at the earliest. The results might otherwise be severe.

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