Kids & Gadgets: How Much Is Too Much?

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Most kids are very savvy with gadgets these days. In fact most often, kids handle expensive gadgets much better than their parents do. There used be a time when giving a mobile phone to a college student used to be considered an excess. Now we see 5-year-olds with mobile phones and we even consider it necessary.

Attitude towards kids using gadgets is constantly changing. This leaves the parents in a precarious position. They do not know how much of gadgets is too much for the kids. So there is no solid ground on which they can base their parenting techniques.

So to help parents take a stand on how much of gadgets their kids should use, here are few relevant parenting tips.

Kids Gadgets

Use mobile phones when you are mobile: The reason that parents give their kids a cellular phone is to keep a track of their movements. So when they are home, the mobile phones should be with you. Do not allow them to waste time by texting or calling their friends unnecessarily.

No camera phone: A mobile phone is for talking, not for clicking or recording as far as kids are concerned. With the number of MMS scandals rising every year, do not give your kids high-end camera phones. If your kid is interested in photography, you can buy him/her a camera instead.

Tablets with child lock: It is alright for kids to use expensive gadgets as long as they do not misuse it. Most sophisticated tablets come with a child lock system these days. When kids have Internet access on tablets, it is difficult to control them. So, activate the child lock on your tablet.

Track Internet usage: You can block certain adult websites by using a walling system in your Internet connection. That is the only way to check your kid's Internet surfing behaviour.

Play stations are for play time only: Lets face it, kids don't go out and play these days. They prefer play stations and you cannot force them otherwise. There is no harm in giving your kids play stations as long as they use it only at play time.

Learn to share: There is a new version of play station coming out every month. You cannot possibly buy all. So make a parents group and buy one play station each. The kids should share these expensive gadgets and play among themselves. It saves your money and teaches them the important virtue of sharing.

These are some basic rules when it comes to kids and their gadget usage. Are you happy about the gadgets that your kids are using?

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Story first published: Thursday, December 20, 2012, 16:04 [IST]
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