Why Are Tuitions Bad For Your Kids?

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Most of the parents these days are busy in placing their kids in as many tuition classes as they can. They themselves are occupied in maintaining a balance between their personal and professional lives and hence have no extra time for their kids. But, there are also many parents who just want to put up their kids in tuitions just to show off. It might also be for the reason that they themselves do not hold the ability to teach or control their kids. Whatever might be the reason this adversely affects the kids in many ways. Here are a few reasons as to why tuitions are bad for your kids.

Tuition Bad For Kids

Parent's Attention- If there is one thing that a child needs the most to grow up in a healthy manner then it is your attention and care. Kids feel that their parents have no time for them and this in turn creates an adverse feeling for their parents.

No Time- This is one of the most important facts about tuition that you must know. Some kids take so many tuitions that they practically have no time to study at home. Some take to as much as 7-8 tuitions even at the school levels. After school going from one tuition to the other is the only thing that they are left with. And as a result these kids do not have time for self study.

No Play- "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" is one of the oldest sayings. And this is one of the facts too. Children after coming from schools hardly find any time to play. If they hardly have any free time then even that is engrossed for the homework that they get to do.

Introvert- Tuitions are bad for kids in a number of ways. Too many tuitions hardly gives your child time to communicate with friends & family and this might turn him/her into an introvert. This might also widen up the gap between kids and parents.

Get Dull- If you give your kids a tuition for every single subject then they hardly get any time for exercising their brains. This is of the hardest of all tuition facts that it makes your kids dull. Due to too many tuitions your kids hardly try to work out things by themselves and turns dull.

Thus it is better that you take out some time and teach your kids at home.

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