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Improve Concentration In Children – Tips & Suggestions

Posted By: Gowri Nandini
Child Improvement
Children love to watch television. Try talking to your child when he is watching his favorite cartoon. You'll have to call out his name a couple of times or maybe even prod him a little to gain his attention. Call him out when he is studying. He'll be at your service in no time, probably even before you have finished calling out his name. 'If only my child would concentrate more while he is studying!' - This is what almost every parent wishes. Child concentration problem is something that all parents face. However, improving concentration in children is an easy task.

Concentration is required by one and all, irrespective of vocation. Be it a brick-layer or a scientist, everyone requires concentration to succeed in his work. We all know that our mind is fickle. However, through constant practice and determination, we can bring our mind under control and improve concentration in children. Below mentioned are a few tips that would help your child improve concentrating.

Enlist the following tips that help improve concentration in your child and guide him through the same.

1.First of all, designate a place to study. If possible furnish the place with a table and chair, else use a desk to keep your books and you can sit on the floor with a mat. Keep away from doing other things like playing or eating at your study corner.

2.Compose yourself and sit in a good posture before you begin your studies. Do not do unwanted things like chewing your pencil, staring vacantly at a wall or slouch when you sit to study.

3.Often, when we sit alone, we tend to think about the all the things that have happened through the day. We cannot immediately shut-off our mind from other topics. So, take up to 15 minutes to deviate your mind towards your studies. Saying a small prayer would help in regaining your thoughts.

4.Once, you are set make up your mind about what topic you want to cover. Spend at least an hour on what ever topic you have chosen. Do not jump frequently change the topic.

5.Ensure that nobody disturbs you when you sit to study. Also, make sure you too have finished all your other chores before you get on with your work. Frequent interruptions hamper your concentration.

6.You have to keep your mind awake at all times and don't let your mind wander. Avoiding intake of heavy foods, keeping yourself tidy and organized, keeping away from negative thoughts – these are a few things that help you keep your mind alert at all times.

7.Having faith in yourself is one thing that would help improve your concentration. You have to develop love for your study. Only when you love something, you can dedicate yourself towards doing the best for the task.

Help your child focus better on his studies by sharing these tips with him. Do not expect him to adopt all these tips at once. However, do not allow him to take his own sweet time to actually inculcate it in his daily life. The problem of concentration in children can be brought down to some extent if the above tips are cultivated from a young age. Parenting too can be a better process when the above tips are adopted.

Story first published: Monday, June 13, 2011, 12:15 [IST]
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