Monsoon Games - Let The Rain Pour Down

Monsoon Games Let The Rain Pour Down


 Little Stella, stood behind the transparent window and sang in her loudest voice the sweet rhyme she learnt in the school the other day, “ Rain rain go away, Come again another day, Little Stella wants to play!" She echoed the line in such a way that she believed that the rain did have tiny ears and he would listen to her plea and stop dramatically falling from the sky. I bet she wouldn't be so sad, if and only if she knew how to enjoy monsoon with these indoor and outdoor games in rainy season. So kids, get ready to play these games.

Outdoor games
Lets Arrange For A Boat Race

As the rain pours high, help your child make some paper boats. From the normal boat to the sword boat, steamer and the hood boat. Not only are these boats simple to make, but also look great fun when completed. Wait for the rain to stop its chattery chat with the earth. After the sun peeps in from far away go hit the streets with the paper boats for a boat race near the flowing stream somewhere around the house. The stagnant water on the terrace can also be fun. Kids will love to see their handmade boats swift here and there with the wind.

Let The Artist Rain Paint For You
Take a large paper plate and sprinkle few drops of different colors of food coloring on it. Then get into your rain wear and wander around the yard being hit by soft showers. Swirls of color form as the rain hits the plate. Just like a snowflake, no two plates will ever be the same. Kids will love to see the natural beam of colours with the artist rain.

Indoor games
Blow the ball down
Things you will need:
Ping pong ball
One Blindfold

How to play :
Spray a ping-pong ball with a perfume. Clear the dining table and place the ball on the edge of it. Blindfold players one at a time and turn the player so that their back is against the table. At your command, the player takes 5 steps forward, turns around 3 times, comes back to the table and tries to blow the ball off the table. This is funny to watch because the player will most likely be disoriented and try to blow the ball off table where the ball is not there. Play this game to see your kids roll over with laughter.

Thunder or Lightning Chairs:
Your kids would have loved playing musical chair. How about playing it with the roaring thunder and mighty lightening?

Play the game exactly like musical chair the only difference will be, you would be using thunder and lightening instead of music. The children can change chairs until which ever one happens first, then the child who has no chair is out, you remove 1 additional chair, and the game begins anew until the next flash of lightning or crash of thunder.

Billa-Billi :
Things you will need :
16 bottle crowns (billas)
small pebbles

How to play :
Arrange 16 bottle crowns (billas) in a square. Players alternately aim their marker, a pebble, at the crowns, from a pre-decided distance. If your pebble lands or hits on a billa, you get a point. The winner is the one with maximum score.

Indoor Relay Race
As a child I loved draping in a sari. When I didn't get one, I would take a large towel or a dupatta and tuck it as mom does and get dressed in front of a mirror for hours. You can turn this fantasy of your child to a great fun game.

All you need :
few sets of mom and dad clothes and accessories.

How to play:
Make a piles of Mom and Dad clothes and accessories. Separate the kids into teams and see who can put on one set of clothes the quickest,with the right accessories. It's so much fun to see the kids digging through the pile to find the right items and seeing them in Daddy and Mommy's big clothes and huge accessories. Don't forget to give the winner a great prize, for all the trouble they took to make you smile.

When the weather turns cold and rainy, kids need an outlet for all that energy they accumulate. Elders cannot lock them inside the house for long with video games, scrabble and other board games. The above games will help them to bond with you and with the gloomy weather. Go, Play... Its Raining.


Story first published: Wednesday, July 2, 2008, 16:15 [IST]
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