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Healthy Summer Foods For Kids, To Keep 'Em Healthy And Hydrated (Over 4 Years Old)

Summer is here, and so is the heat and the tiredness it brings. As a result, you may notice that your young ones are slightly low on energy, getting tired too quickly or not having as much appetite as usual.

During the summer, fatigue is real (also called summer fatigue) - the heart rate increases, blood vessels dilate, and this causes your body to use more energy, leaving your kid feeling exhausted [1].

You can help them cope better during summer by changing their diet and day-to-day habits. In this article, we will look into the type of healthy summer food for children over the age of 4 years.

Healthy Summer Foods For Kids


1. Gulkand

This sweet preserve is made from rose petals and is one of the best summer foods. In addition to preventing acidity, it contains cooling herbs like rose petals and other beneficial herbs for health and digestion. It also reduces the feeling of heat in the body and helps digestion. The powder can be mixed with milk and given to children [2].

Note: Consume in limited quantities.

2. Watermelon

They are 92 per cent water, which helps hydrate the body and remove toxins. In addition, vitamin A keeps your child's skin looking healthy. Look for one with a yellow splotch that appears heavy for its size (there's a good chance it will be ripe and sweet).

3. Black plum or Jamun

Summer is the only time when these tasty berries are available, so don't forget to put them in your fruit bowl. Ayurveda describes the humble jamun as a fruit that has many medicinal benefits and cooling down your body temperature.

4. Cucumber

During the hot summer months, cucumber is common on every dinner table. The fibre in cucumbers keeps constipation at bay and helps cool the body. Simply place a bowl of cucumber sticks on your child's table and watch them disappear (hopefully) [3].

5. Tomato

One of the many benefits of tomatoes is cooling the body. Tomatoes contain 94 per cent water and can help you stay hydrated and promote regular bowel movements. If your child dislikes eating tomatoes, try mixing tomato juice with honey or adding tiny slices of tomatoes to the food.


6. Onion

Adding onions to the daily diet helps keep the body cool. You can add them to curries, dips, salad and raitas. Onions are also high in quercetin, which protects against sunstroke and is an anti-allergen [4].

Note: To derive maximum benefit, encourage your child to eat onions raw.

7. Mint

Peppermint possesses cooling effects that help to reduce the body heat instantly. It is a cooling herb that can be added to summer drinks and other foods. In addition, mint is a simple, inexpensive, readily available herb that aids digestion. Try adding mint to curd or making mint juice for your children.

8. Broccoli

This green vegetable is not only full of nutrients but also comprises 91 per cent water. So, broccoli is delicious and healthy and keeps your children hydrated. Also, broccoli promotes weight loss and a healthy vision- so prepare some healthy broccoli snacks for your children this summer [5].

9. Yoghurt

The cooling properties of yoghurt and curd make them ideal summer foods. This dairy wonder, a staple of most Indian homes, is also good for a toddler's digestive system. Buttermilk is easily digestible and contains vitamins B12, potassium, calcium, riboflavin, and phosphorus [6].

Note: Children can consume yoghurt/curd in various ways, such as with lassi, buttermilk and raita.


10. Coconut water

Coconut water is easily the best drink for summer. Drinking coconut water is one of the best home remedies to reduce body heat and fight summer health problems like dehydration and summer infections. This refreshing drink has an electrolyte composition that is loaded with nutrients to boost your child's energy. Your child can drink a glass of coconut water every day to keep their body cool [7].

11. Lemon water

In addition to being a great summer drink, lemonade can also help treat indigestion, constipation, and dental problems. Children's skin also benefits from lemon water, which is rich in vitamin C. You can have it sweet, salted, or after adding a pinch of black salt and cumin powder to it.

12. Khus sherbet

Green in colour, khus sherbet is made with khus syrup, sugar, water, and citric acid syrup. It gets its green colour from khus essence, a thick syrup made from the roots of khus grass (vetiver grass). Khus sharbat is a diuretic with cooling properties and is an excellent drink for summer [8].


13. Rice gruel

Also called Kanjika or Congee, this healthy food is a popular staple breakfast in East and South India. Kanji is consumed with side dishes such as pickles or curry mixed with buttermilk and salt. Apart from cooling the body, this summer food is also considered to be rich in B6 and B12 and is a healthy breakfast for your children [9]. Fermented rice gruel or pazhamkanji is also good for children during summer.

14. Vegetable soup

There is nothing wrong with cold vegetable soups in the summer when the vegetable season is at its peak. Moreover, many of these soups use raw ingredients, so they're extremely healthy. In addition, vegetarianism has many benefits in summer because it helps regulate and manage high body temperatures [10].

15. Vegetable salad

Summer is the perfect time to eat salads every day, as they satiate hunger and are high in fibre and low in calories and fat. You can keep your children adequately hydrated during the hot months by serving salads with leafy greens such as cabbage, spinach, and lettuce. This is also a perfect way to get your children to eat more veggies.

16. Fennel seeds

A variety of seeds such as fenugreek, poppy and fennel are great for bringing down your body heat. For example, take one tablespoon of fennel seeds, soak it overnight in a glass of water, and drink it in the morning to quickly bring down your body heat [11][12].


On A Final Note...

In addition to feeling dehydrated during the summer months, low energy levels are another symptom that comes with it. Therefore, we should take extra precautions during the hot season, especially for children. The hazards of summer can be avoided by following a healthy lifestyle and eating the right foods.

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