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Getting Pregnant After Abortion

While abortion is a topic of controversy, it is many a times the only choice a woman has. If a pregnancy happens at an inopportune time or circumstance, pregnancy might be needed to be terminated.

Women choose abortions when they or the unborn baby have health issues too. Whatever the reason be, abortion leaves an indelible mark on the woman's life.

Eventually, the woman moves on and time comes when she is ready for a baby in every aspect. It is then that the woman wonders if the abortion will have any impact on her present pregnancy.

The fact is that if the abortion was done in a safe and professional setting, it shouldn't have any effect on a future pregnancy. But there are other factors that need to be considered too, like the time lapsed since the abortion and the number of abortions undergone.

Today, we shall discuss the various ways in which a past case of an abortion can affect a future pregnancy. Read on to know more.

Can past abortions affect fertility or the chances of getting pregnant?

Most women who have had abortions (irrespective of the reason behind it), go on to have a normal pregnancy and delivery. The pregnancy is usually uneventful too. But we must understand that though a routine procedure, an abortion too has a risk of complications. In rare cases, the woman's fertility can be affected. Fortunately, these complications can easily be remedied with an apt treatment.

What are the complications that arise during an abortion that can affect a future pregnancy?

In rare cases, certain complications can arise. These can stop you from getting pregnant. They can also prevent you from staying pregnant and can cause the pregnancy to end in a miscarriage. The most common complication that arises is that the cervix becomes weak or incompetent.

This is because during a surgical abortion, the cervix is forcefully dilated to remove the fetus. If the cervix was too tight or if improper force was used, it can cause damage to the cervix. If you have an incompetent or weak cervix, you are more likely to have a miscarriage or pre-term labor. Doctors can help such cases by placing a stitch at the cervix.

What if you have undergone more multiple abortions?

Multiple abortions do cause a few problems when you get pregnant later. There are cases where repeated abortions caused an infection, which in turn hindered a planned pregnancy. In some cases, the infection from multiple abortions can cause the fallopian tube to be blocked. This stops the egg and the sperm from coming into contact. In such cases, IVF treatment might be needed to successfully conceive.

What to do if you had a complicated abortion?

You will know that the abortion did not go perfectly well if you have an abnormally painful experience. While some amount of pain is to be expected, strong and unbearable pain should be brought to your doctor's notice immediately. Chances are that the conception was not completely removed. Any prolonged bleeding should also not be ignored, as it can cause anaemia and weakness. It can also be due to an infection.

If the complications render you infertile or hard to conceive, never lose hope and keep trying. You can also look at alternative methods of conception. You can also make some changes in your lifestyle to help you get pregnant successfully.

How soon can you get pregnant after an abortion?

Getting pregnant too soon following an abortion can be bad and even fatal. An abortion takes a lot out of your body. In an abortion done with drugs, the drugs cause the uterus to soften and contract. This expels the fetus. This is accompanied with a lot of bleeding that can last days. In a surgical abortion, the doctor will perform the procedure by suction and then will seal the blood vessels to prevent excessive bleeding. It doesn't matter which method is used, the woman's body is depleted of a lot of blood, nutrition and energy. It will not be in a position to support a healthy pregnancy. It is best to wait for at least 6 months before getting pregnant. This time will allow the uterus to heal and become healthy.

How to use contraception after abortion?

The use of contraception is important after pregnancy, even if you do not have periods or are suffering from bleeding. You will still be ovulating. If you do not use protection of some kind, you may end up with an unwanted pregnancy. You may have to face an unhealthy pregnancy or another abortion. Either way, you will suffer mentally and physically.

How to plan a pregnancy after an abortion?

Given the risks of having a healthy pregnancy after an abortion, it is important that you talk to your doctor when planning to have a baby. The doctor will help you determine if your uterus is healed from the abortion or not. You must do this even if you have waited the appropriate time after the abortion before planning to get pregnant. The doctor will also help you to make sure that you are healthy to support the pregnancy or if you need help like supplements to be perfectly healthy.

It is important to get intimate often to be successfully pregnant after an abortion.

After an abortion, you may find that getting pregnant is not very easy. This is more true if you were on contraceptive pills after the abortion. It takes a while for the hormones to become normal and to assist your conception. The key is to keep trying; especially if the doctor has ruled out any fertility problems.

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