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What's The Best Age For A Man To Have A Baby?

A lot has been discussed and debated about the right age for women to get pregnant but a very less has been discussed about the right age for men to become a father.

Yes, even men should be aware of the fact that the right age matters a lot in producing healthy children.

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A study claims that women who have partners who are above 40 years of age, generally take time to conceive. But women whose partners are around the age of 25 get pregnant faster. Here are more facts.


Testosterone Levels

Once a man crosses 30 years of age, his testosterone levels keep dipping by 1% every year. This hits even sperm production too.

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Sperm Quality

When it comes to the quality of sperm, it starts declining after 35 years of age. Also, age affects sperm motility too.

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The quality, motility and health of the sperm are perfect before the age of 25. The quality dips to its lowest point after 55. By that time, men may lose their reproductive power almost by 50%.

Lifestyle Habits

Apart from age, what else could hit men's reproductive health? Well, habits like smoking, malnutrition, wearing tight underwear and insomnia could also slowly affect the fertility levels of men.

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Right Age

What is the right age for a man to become a father? Though the period between 22 to 25 years is good, most of the men may not be able to settle down by that age. So, the period between 28-30 years could be the best time for a man to become a father. After 30, the clock starts ticking for men too!


When a man is too young, (around 15-19) the body is just in the starting stages of sperm production. Reproducing at that age could even cause still births. So, it isn't advisable to reproduce at such a young age.

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After 30, the T levels in the body start dropping with each passing year. Also, mutations are said to occur in the DNA after 35 years. So it is better to plan kids much before those stages.

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