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What Is Sperm Allergy?


Yes, there is an allergy known as sperm allergy. It is also known as semen allergy. Semen contains certain compounds like proteins in it. Some women develop allergic reactions to the content of the semen.

Couples can generally use a condom to avoid the allergic reactions. But what if one wants to conceive? Unprotected sex can trigger allergic reactions.

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Consult a gynecologist. There are certain methods to get pregnant even when one is suffering from sperm allergy. Your doctor may suggest you about such methods like IVF or artificial insemination. Here are some more facts about semen allergy...


Fact #1

How to know whether you are allergic to semen? Well, if you experience burning sensation, itching sensation, pain, redness, swelling or any other weird sensation when your partner releases sperm in your privates or any other area of the skin, then it could be semen allergy.


Fact #2

How long do the symptoms last? Sometimes, the symptoms show up after 10 minutes or more. The symptoms may go away immediately or may trouble you for a day.

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Fact #3

Though the symptoms generally affect the area where the semen touches, some women may develop reactions all over the body. They may suffer difficulty in breathing, hives, swells and even dangerous allergic reactions.


Fact #4

At first, you might even mistake it for vaginal inflammation or some kind of yeast infection. Some may even mistake it for some kind of an STD. Well, a doctor may clear all the doubts.

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Fact #5

Sperm allergy may occur all of sudden. In some, it occurs temporarily, in some, it is a long term issue. The root cause could be the contents of a man's semen.

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Fact #6

Some women who experience mild allergic reactions are generally offered certain medicines to desensitise them to the reactions in order to help them conceive. If nothing works, methods like IVF can always help conceive.

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