What Does Craving Milk During Pregnancy Mean?

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What does craving milk during pregnancy mean? You know what? Some women tend to experience cravings for milk roughly around the second trimester. They prefer to drink at least a liter of milk.

It is not uncommon to feel like drinking milk during pregnancy as it is among the cravings that are common during pregnancy.

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There are also some myths related to the milk cravings. It is said that a female foetus may cause the craving but this myth has been debunked by health experts. Here are some more facts about craving for milk during pregnancy.


What Does Craving Milk During Pregnancy Mean?

Salty foods, chocolate, fruits and milk are common among the food cravings during pregnancy. Many questions surrounding these cravings exist.

Are the cravings caused due to hormones or gender of the baby or due to psychological factors or cultural factors?


Is It Due To Hormones?

Health experts claim that all cravings are due to the hormonal actions that occur during pregnancy. But again, hormones can be blamed for desire to eat more but what could explain the craving for a specific food like milk?

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Another Opinion

Some opine that certain food cravings could occur may be in order to neutralise certain other aspect of the regular diet!


Is It For Certain Nutrients?

Another perspective is that the body sometimes lets you know what kind of nutrients you require more at that particular period of time. Maybe, craving for milk could fall in that category. Maybe, it is the body's attempt to get more of calcium.

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Ask The Doctor

So, if you are craving for milk, you can surely have it unless you are lactose intolerant. Also, consult your doctor once if you are repeatedly craving for milk during pregnancy.

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