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What Causes Sickness During Pregnancy?


Are you frequently feeling sick during pregnancy? Pregnancy could be a vulnerable stage. That is the time many changes occur inside the body and cause trouble initially.

Those very changes could also make you fall sick often and catch infections. The worst part is you can't eat any random food or gulp in any random pill to combat infections.

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But don't give up hope as the initial phase is more vulnerable and gradually, you may pick up and become well. Here are some reasons behind sickness during pregnancy.


What's The Main Reason Behind Frequent Sickness?

One reason could be suppressed immune system. During pregnancy, your immunity could dip. That could be one reason why you tend to fall sick often.


Why Immunity Dips

The reason behind low immunity could also be the growing foetus. Yes, the body needs to curb the actions of the immunity till the foetus develops and reaches a stage of development.

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Any Other Reason?

Another reason is the hormone secretion in pregnancy. Progesterone, glucocorticoids and estrogen do have an effect on the inflammatory action of the immune system in order to prevent any damage to the foetus.


What To Do?

As the immunity action can be low during pregnancy, it is advisable to stay on the preventive side to avoid falling sick often.


What Helps?

Good food, taking pre-natal vitamins on time, avoiding toxic foods and environments and getting sufficient sleep are some preventive measures that may help.

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Go To The Doctor

Even then if you fall sick, never go for self-medication. Go to the doctor and get proper medical help as over-the-counter medication could be harmful to your pregnancy.