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What Affects The Success Rate Of Conception

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Couples who try to conceive may need to embrace healthy food habits and reduce their stress levels too. Also, staying away from smoking and drinking may increase the chances.

Many studies suggest that at least 40% of the couples who fail to conceive try repeatedly without identifying the actual reason behind infertility.

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Also, health experts say that most of the couples are not even trying to seek medical advice when their plans to conceive fail. So, here are some more facts about conception.


Fact #1

Research data suggests that 20% of the couples who try to conceive are successful within the first month itself whereas 63% of the couples generally reach their goal within a span of 6 months.


Fact #2

Some lubricants, especially the water based ones are said to affect the motility of the sperm cells.

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Fact #3

When there are no other health issues like PCOS or endometriosis, any young couple trying to conceive may have at least 10-20% of chances almost every month.


Fact #4

Eating a pineapple is said to favour egg implantation. After 5 days of ovulation, eat a pineapple and see.

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Fact #5

Do you know that dehydration also affects fertility? Well, drink enough water to keep your privates healthy.


Fact #6

At least 15% of the men fail to make women pregnant after they cross 36 years of age.


Fact #7

Yes, age affects your fertility whether you are a man or a woman. Your fertility levels tend to be above 95% when you are around 25 years, 86%when you are around 34 years, 70% when you are below 45 years old and only 4% after 45 years if you are a man.


Fact #8

What is tough to believe is that even acupuncture was found out to be effective in treating infertility in some women.


Fact #9

Some studies indicate that more than 40% of women who suffered infertility without any obvious reason cured the issue through acupuncture and got pregnant.


Fact #10

Though this may sound weird, wearing socks while lovemaking helps enhance circulation and aids fertility.


Fact #11

Many surveys claim that reducing stress levels may increase the chances of conceiving.

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Story first published: Saturday, January 7, 2017, 9:26 [IST]
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