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Effects Of Pesticides On Foetus!

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We generally try to wash the vegetables that we buy from the market to ensure that the remnants of pesticides are totally washed out from the outer surface of the veggies.

We also try to use pesticide free organic produce as much as possible. But is that enough?

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Do pesticides harm the foetus? Why pregnant women should be careful about the risk of pesticide exposure? Here are some answers.


Is They Any Evidence?

There is very less evidence about the harmful effects of pesticides in the foetus. But the current studies claim that exposure to pesticides during pregnancy could raise the risk of birth abnormalities.


How Much Is Too Much?

There isn't any concrete answer to this yet. There are ongoing studies which are trying to find out the levels of exposure that can harm the foetus.

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Percentage Of Risk

Pregnant women who were exposed to very high levels of pesticides are said to have around 8-9% higher risk of giving birth to a baby with low birth weight.


What Gets Impacted?

The factors that pesticides could impact are birth weight, birth abnormalities, pre-term birth, and gestational length.


What Studies Say?

Researchers claim that there isn't enough knowledge about how several chemicals in the pesticides interact and show their impact on the foetus.

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Bottom Line

Also, there are so many varieties of pesticides being used today. Researchers aren't sure which one of them is the most dangerous to the foetus and which of them is harmless. But to be on the safe side, try to avoid exposure during pregnancy as much as possible.

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