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Why A Million Sperm Cells Are Released During Every Ejaculation?

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Many men wonder about certain doubts regarding the sperm cells. During teenage, many men believe in concepts that say that every drop of sperm is valuable and a man should never waste his fluids in the wrong places.

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Also, some even believe that sperm cells are to be treated like gold and therefore one should make love only for the sake of reproduction.
With changing times, many such concepts have gone with the wind and today, making love is more of a pleasure that anything else.

But still, one doubt torments men. Why does the male body produce a million sperm cells during every ejaculation when only a single cell fertilises the egg?

Well, here are some facts....


Fact #1

The total number of sperm cells an average man produces during his lifespan is around 500 billion. A study claims that a man can ejaculate around 40 million to one billion sperm cells during intercourse.


Fact #2

There is a reason why millions of sperm cells are produced- to increase probability. Yes, each sperm cell competes with the other and tries to get closer to the egg.


Fact #3

Also, during the process of evolution, men had to compete with each other to win a female. A man whose sperm cells reach the egg faster could pass on the genes.


Fact #4

Maybe nature has come up with the design of producing millions of sperm cells just to ensure that at least one of them will succeed in fertilising the egg.


Fact #5

If the male produced only a single sperm cell per ejaculation, it would take light years to impregnate the woman as there is no guarantee that the single cell would have the speed, motility and accuracy to reach the egg.


Fact #6

As nature is more interested in survival and reproduction, it must have designed everything to increase the probability of reproduction.


Fact #7

When it comes to women, though an average woman is gifted with 2 million egg follicles, only around 400 of them release mature eggs.

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