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Tips To Remember Before You Donate Your Sperm

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Sperm donation has not been made common, unlike blood donation. In India, there are only a few hospitals that encourage sperm donors to donate, and some men resent the idea to make this humble move.

According to recent statistics, there are around a million couples who are childless, and experts state that sperm donation can help a great deal in helping these couples start a new life, a family.

Tips To Remember Before You Donate Your Sperm

If you are healthy and younger than age 40, we think you should donate your sperm.

Here are some of the other reasons as to why we think you should contribute.

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It helps others raise a family, it makes you figure out the quality of your sperm, it also generates the sperm count and above all, donating sperm helps to ensure if you are in the best of health.

On the other hand, donating sperm also involves a high risk of infection being passed from one generation to another, which is why when you go ahead for the test and screening, doctors will check to see if your sperm is healthy and affordable to be donated.

Donate Your Sperm

So, if you want to pass the screening, here are some of the tips to remember before you donate your sperm, take a look:

You Need To Be Healthy: If you want to donate sperm, you should be healthy and fit. A man should stay clear from diseases like HIV, hepatitis B and C, HTLV, syphilis, genital herpes and/or genital warts. You should also be diabetic and cancer free.

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You Have To Be Heterosexual: Homosexual men are usually rejected when it comes to sperm donation. For the simple reason being homosexual men are more exposed to HIV and various other pathogenic viruses and bacteria, due to the engagement of same to same physical or sex practices.

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You Need To Be Younger Than 40: In most of the clinical centres, doctors normally ask for an age. Sperm donors should be less than 40 years of age. This is because, men below the age of 40 are considered to be healthier and more fit, and their sperm is also of a good quality for the impregnation.

You Have To Be Of Good Height: It is medically proved that shorter men have more issues with their sperm when compared to taller men. Many facilities require that their sperm donors be between 5'10" and 6'2''. It is often believed that men who are shorter have genetic problems and that can affect the child, thus leading to a poor nutrition in the child, infections and exposure to toxins too.

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You Have To Give A Good Sample: Lastly, after the man has passed the screening test, he has to provide a good sample to the clinic. Donors are asked to abstain from ejaculation (from sex or masturbation) for at least 2 days or 5 days prior to the donation date. This helps in giving a higher count and a better quality of sperm.

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