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10 Things That Might Be Affecting Your Sperm Motility Rate

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Each of us are built differently, while some of us are good at a certain task, others have to strive hard to reach there.

Couples who are trying to get pregnant often worry that they are not "good enough" because their attempts of conceiving are failing.

These couples are forgetting, that they have started a journey and if there are obstacles along the way, then it is possible to overcome them with sheer determination and hard work.

what affects sperm motility

It is common knowledge that sperm cells are created on a daily basis in a man's body. A less known fact is that, these cells take 4-5 months to become mature enough for ejaculation.

Both the quality and count of sperm will affect the final outcome. Lifestyle adjustments can make a vast difference in your sperm motility rate.

With time and efforts, it is possible to increase your sperm motility rate. To do this, you will have to make both some minor and some major ones in your life.

Don't be disheartened as yet! Continue reading to know which 10 things can lower your sperm count and even the quality of sperm and do make sure to keep these at bay.

Stress: One of the biggest kill joys in life is stress. Being stressed about work, personal life and other things can hamper your body's ability to produce adrenal hormones. In the long run, stress can also affect the reproductive hormones adversely.

what affects sperm motility

Sleep Deprivation: Working until the wee hours of the morning and waking up at dawn can cause fertility issues in men of various ages.

Processed Foods: Refined sugar and processed foods can cause your sperm to get lethargic. Eating fruits and vegetables that are loaded with pesticides can also cause various health ailments. These can in turn lead to a lower sperm motility rate. Growth hormones are often added to poultry and dairy products. These additives can cause fertility issues.

what affects sperm motility

Lack Of Physical Activity: A sedentary lifestyle can lead to poor blood circulation and finally fertility issues in the body. So, find the need to include exercises in your daily routine life.

Cigarettes And Alcohol: Cigarettes are made primarily from tobacco and nicotine. However, this addictive substance is laced with 20 or more known chemicals that act as carcinogens. Smokers have a poor blood circulation rate, clogged arteries and are at a higher risk of developing fertility issues. Alcohol can not ony reduce the quality but also the quantity of your sperm.

what affects sperm motility

Overheating Of The Scrotum: Keeping the laptop on your lap, having an excessive number of hot baths, using the sauna every week and using electrical blankets can also cause a low sperm count.

Regularly Riding A Bicycle: The friction caused by sitting on the fixed seat and riding a bicycle can reduce your sperm count. When pressure and friction are combined, the results are catastrophic in nature.

what affects sperm motility

Recreational Drugs: Recreational drugs damage the DNA and make it tough for the sperm to swim up to the egg. Anabolic steroids significantly reduce the ability of the testes to create testosterone, which leads to infertility.

X-Rays: Sperm cells and other rapidly dividing cells can be significantly harmed due to repeated X-rays and similar exposure.

Work Place Hazards: Working in a warehouse with chemicals, electromagnetic equipment and other known health hazardous substances can result in a reduction of the sperm count and quality. It might take a while for these hazardous substances to harm your body. However, various studies have confirmed that continued exposure is known to lead to infertility.

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Story first published: Saturday, May 7, 2016, 15:34 [IST]
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