12 Surprising Ways You Can Get Pregnant Without Knowing!

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Getting pregnant can be a big deal, especially if you haven't planned for it, right? Well, did you know that there are various ways in which you could get pregnant without realising?

Yes, it is true! Normally, we think that we can get pregnant only when you do not use protection; however, we may be wrong there, as there are many instances in which women do get pregnant, after taking all the necessary precautions to avoid it!

Many a times, couples may not be ready to have a child yet due to various reasons.

Maybe they are not in a serious relationship, maybe they are too young or financially unstable, they could be a couple who doesn't want to have kids, whatever the reason maybe, a surprise pregnancy can cause such couples a lot of worry and anxiety!

So, it is always better to exercise extreme precautions while indulging in sexual intercourse, and also be aware of some of the instances in which you can get pregnant without your knowledge!

Have a look at some of the surprising ways in which you could get pregnant, here.


1. Anal Intercourse

Surprising ways that cause pregnancy include anal sex, as many feel that anal sex cannot lead to pregnancy; however, if the semen flows from the rectum to the vagina, there are chances of it happening.


2. Condom Breakage

If you try to open the condom pack, too vigorously, especially with your mouth, you could make holes in it, which may cause accidental pregnancy.


3. “Dry” Intercourse

Even if you indulge in foreplay with your underwear on, if the man's semen leaks through the fabric and enters the woman's vagina, there are chances of pregnancy.


4. Pregnancy While Pregnant

Yes, although it seems impossible, a woman can get pregnant again while she is already pregnant, which is a condition known as superfetation.


5. Oil-Based Lubes

If you use oil-based lubricants along with condoms, they can cause the condom to slip or can cause microscopic holes in condoms, causing pregnancy.


6. Sharing A Tub

If your partner ejaculates in the tub, in which you are both spending a relaxing time, if the semen enters your vagina, there are chances of pregnancy.


7. Birth Control

You can get pregnant if you are taking your birth-control pill, without missing even a day, as it is not 100% effective.


8. Fingering

If your man has touched his semen and then "fingers" you, as a part of foreplay, you can still get pregnant.


9. Condom Space

If you do not leave space at the tip of the condom, after wearing it, the semen may spill through the sides into the vagina.


10. Vasectomy

You can still get pregnant if you have intercourse with a man who has had a vasectomy, as there are small chances of the surgically cut off parts to grow back together.


11. Tube Ligation

You can get pregnant even if you have had your tubes tied, as that operation may not be 100% effective as well.


12. Shower Sex

Many people feel that having intercourse while showering can avoid causing pregnancy; however, it is quite possible if penetration is involved.

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Story first published: Monday, September 26, 2016, 15:29 [IST]
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