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Surprising Symptoms Soon-To-Be Fathers Experience!

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When a women announces the news of her pregnancy, she is flocked around by people who mollycoddle her to no end and give her advice.

A pregnant woman attains something close to a celebrity status for the initial few months at least.

However, have you noticed that in most cases, the father of the baby is not given as much attention as the to-be mom?

Well, he is congratulated often and advised to take good care of his partner, but no one really asks about his well-being during that 9-month wait.

Did you know that soon-to-be-fathers also experience certain symptoms while their partners are pregnant, which are surprisingly similar to the symptoms experienced by a pregnant woman?

Yes, you read that right, many research scientists who have conducted surveys on the behavioural patterns of the to-be dads have concluded that they too experience certain physical and mental symptoms during their partner's pregnancy period.

These symptoms are usually triggered by hormonal changes in their body due to the anxiety and stress of having a new baby!

So, have a look at some of the symptoms a to-be dad experiences, here.


1. Anxiety

Many to-be fathers experience a high level of anxiety while they are waiting for the new baby to arrive, as a new baby means more responsibility and expenses!


2. Nausea

Again, triggered by extreme anxiety, some to-be fathers have reported experiencing nausea and vomiting, just like a woman's morning sickness!


3. Mood Swings

The fear of new responsibilities when the baby arrives, the possibility of health complications, etc, tend to make the to-be fathers become moody and prone to emotional outbursts.


4. Changes In Sexual Needs

Many a times, men tend to notice an increase in their sexual appetite when their partner is pregnant, possibly because it may be difficult for them to indulge in sex often during pregnancy, and so they may miss the intimate times!


5. Weight Gain

Many men tend to gain weight during their partner's pregnancy, as they indulge in "sympathetic pregnancy", a concept in which the to-be dad tries to imitate many habits of his partner, including the eating habits, to experience what his wife is going through, first hand.


6. Body Pain

Due to the effects of "sympathetic pregnancy" many men tend to feel backache, leg pain, etc, just like their pregnant partners, as they subconsciously feel that they are experiencing the pregnancy too!


7. Fatigue

This could either be due to the stress and anxiety that the to-be dads go through or because their chores increase during their partner's pregnancy, as the lady needs more rest!

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Story first published: Tuesday, July 26, 2016, 13:30 [IST]
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