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Surprising Signs Of Infertility You Must Not Ignore!

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If you have been trying to conceive and start a family for a while now, you will surely understand how frustrating and emotionally stressful it can all be!

Wanting to have children and have a complete family is something most couples yearn for.

When they realise that they might be having certain health issues, which may be stopping them from having kids, the news can be quite devastating.

Being childless for the rest of their lives, with no one to carry on their legacy, can make many couples feel that they have no purpose in life.

As we know, infertility can be caused by various reasons such as an unhealthy lifestyle, stress, poor nutrition, defects in the reproductive organs, low sperm count in men, erectile dysfunction, smoking and so on.

Many a times, the exact reasons for a couple's infertility can never be determined, making the whole ordeal even worse!

However, there are a few signs that people experience, which may show that they could be infertile, so that they can get treated immediately.

Have a look at a few surprising signs of infertility, here.


Sign #1

If you have been trying to get pregnant for 6 months and still haven't succeeded, it could be a sign of infertility, as 6 months is the ideal time frame for a conception.


Sign #2

If you are someone whose periods are never on time and/or irregular, you are at a greater risk of infertility and must get it checked for PCOD!


Sign #3

If your periods are very heavy and go on for more than 5 days, it is time to get checked for the possibility of infertility.


Sign #4

If your periods are extremely painful every month and the pain lasts for more than 2 days, then you might be at the risk of conditions like endometriosis, which can lead to infertility.


Sign #5

If you start developing cystic acne, all of a sudden, even when you are in your late 20s or early 30s, it could also be a sign of PCOD, which leads to infertility.


Sign #6

If you are a man and you notice that your scrotum is swollen, it could be a condition called varicocele, which may cause infertility.


Sign #7

If you are a man and you have "dry orgasms", wherein there is no ejaculation of semen when you have orgasms, it could be a sign of infertility!

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Story first published: Thursday, July 28, 2016, 13:46 [IST]
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