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7 Facts About Molar Pregnancy You Must Be Aware Of!

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Most women feel that conceiving and giving birth to their baby is the most monumental experience of their life.

Pregnancy is a phase in a woman's life which is a combination of various emotions.

One minute, a pregnant woman is joyfully thinking about holding her newborn, the next minute she is filled with anxiety about the possible health complications that are related to pregnancy.

There are various health complications that may occur during pregnancy, ranging from miscarriages to abnormally developed infants.

Molar pregnancy is also one such abnormality that can occur even before the foetus is formed in a woman's womb.

Molar pregnancy happens when the tissue, which is supposed to develop into a human foetus instead, develops into an abnormal tissue growth and lodges itself in the uterus.

The causes for a molar pregnancy to happen can be either a genetic disorder or abnormalities in the sperm or eggs.

A molar pregnancy can make a woman experience symptoms that are common during the early stages of pregnancy; however, she is not really pregnant.

Here are a few facts about molar pregnancy that you need to be aware of, have a look.


Fact #1

A woman with molar pregnancy can experience early pregnancy signs like morning sickness, absence of periods, sensitive breasts, etc.


Fact #2

Initially, it may be difficult for the women to differentiate between the signs of a normal pregnancy and a molar pregnancy.


Fact #3

A molar pregnancy includes other symptoms, which are seen in a few days after its development, such as vaginal bleeding, irregular heartbeat, profuse sweating, nausea, enlargement of the uterus, etc.


Fact #4

Once the doctors diagnose a molar pregnancy, it has to be terminated right away, otherwise it can lead to severe health complications in a woman.


Fact #5

After the termination of a molar pregnancy, it is very crucial for the woman to have regular follow-ups with her doctor and take tests to make sure that she is out of risk.


Fact #6

The woman needs to wait to conceive again, until her doctor has assured her that she can go ahead with trying for a child again.


Fact #7

Molar pregnancy can lead to the risk of uterine cancer in many women, so it is important to go in for regular check-ups and take necessary precautions.

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Story first published: Friday, July 1, 2016, 16:45 [IST]
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