Can Taking Anti-Depressants During Pregnancy Cause Neurological Problems In The Children?

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If you are a pregnant woman who is on anti-depressants, you might be wondering if anti-depressants can be harmful for your baby, right?

Well, pregnancy is a very sensitive phase in a woman's life where she has to take utmost care of her health, as her health directly affects her unborn baby.

are anti-depressants safe for pregnant woman

So, as soon as the woman conceives, she is advised to do and not to do certain things.

A pregnant woman has to change her lifestyle to a large extent, alter her diet and exercise routine, give up on certain habits like smoking, drinking, etc, all in efforts to remain healthy and also keep her baby safe.

However, pregnant women, just like others, are prone to various ailments which requires them take certain medications, which could be harmful for the baby growing inside her womb.

A rather common mental ailment that many women experience during pregnancy is depression, and as we know, anti-depressants are given to treat depression.

So, can taking anti-depressants during pregnancy cause neurological damage in the infants? Let is find out.

Depression And Pregnancy

A survey conducting research on this subject, has found that more than 30% of the pregnant women experience depression and anxiety, at some point during the course of their pregnancy.

are anti-depressants safe for pregnant woman

While some pregnant women experience a milder form of depression, other may experience a more intense form, which could require the administration of anti-depressants by a professional.

Pregnancy during depression can be caused by reasons like stress, hormonal imbalances, the fear of health complications, the fear of responsibilities, past history of depression, etc.

As depression requires immediate treatment, anti-depressants may have to be taken even if the woman is pregnant. So, how safe are they?

Anti-Depressants And Neurological Problems In Children

are anti-depressants safe for pregnant woman

According to recent research study, it is found that women who were on anti-depressants for more than 2 months, during their pregnancy, had a whooping 63% chance of giving birth to infants who could develop language and speech disorders later on in life.

Although the link between anti-depressants and how they can cause neurological problems in children is not clear, scientists opine that the chemicals present in the medications may affect the brain development in the unborn.

So, in conclusion, taking anti-depressants during pregnancy can cause neurological problems in infants.

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Story first published: Tuesday, December 13, 2016, 16:03 [IST]
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