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Do Cosmetics Affect Female Fertility?

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Today, a lot of men and women are suffering from fertility issues. Putting aside other reasons behind this, the environmental toxins could also be the reason.

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Certain studies suggest that certain substances in cosmetics and beauty products can also harm fertility in women.

We all know that certain chemicals in foods and food containers cause fertility issues. In the same way, there are beauty products that contain harmful chemicals which may affect your fertility. May be it is time you carefully pick your beauty products.

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If possible, try to stay away form artificial products and switch to the ones that contain natural ingredients.


Nail Polish

Certain chemicals like Benzene and Toluene present in your nail paint and hair colour are said to impact monthly cycles. They also could increase the risk of miscarriage.


Hair Dyes

Some beauty products like hair dyes do contain lead and it could affect fertility in women.


Other beauty Products

Another chemical known as Formaldehyde is also said to raise the risk of infertility and miscarriage.



Some sprays and perfumes come with phthalates. They are said to impact your hormones and cause infertility.



Certain chemicals are added to some creams and lotions to smell well. Those chemicals aren't good for your skin or fertility.



Certain thickeners like polyethylene glycol are also harmful for women who are planning to conceive.



Certain preservatives like benzyl alcohol and parabens present in beauty products can harm fertility rates.

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