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Advantages Of Having A Baby Later In Life

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Women who get pregnant post 30 have more chances of living a longer and better life, says a recent study.

A new research shows that women who want to start a family should surely try after they cross the age of 30, and should put to rest all those negative health issues, which earlier reports have carried.

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This new research clearly states that women who give birth after the age of 35, have children who are more likely to be educated-and taller.

Advantages Of Having A Baby Later In Life

They were taller and healthier, had more education, were more likely to attend college, and performed better on standardized tests than their siblings who were born first, when their parents were younger.

Today, Boldsky shares with you some of the other added on benefits of having a baby later in life. If you and the hubby were planning to start a family anytime soon, consider all these possibilities for the benefit of the child and the mother to be.

 Having A Baby Later In Life

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FYI: Having a baby when you are older, you will also benefit from being financially stable, you will have a ton of support from friends who are mothers, and, you will be more matured during the pregnancy unlike some women who have a baby when they are younger.

advantages of having a baby late

Mothers Will Live Longer: The study states that women who get pregnant later on in life are more matured. They think more in terms of being healthy and wise while being pregnant, unlike young mums to be. Therefore, older pregnant women eat better and make sure to maintain a healthier lifestyle, thus increasing their life span.

advantages of late pregnancy

Reduce The Risk Of Cancer: It is also noted that women who give birth after the age of 30 have a lesser chance of developing breast cancer, than compared to women who are in their 20's and who don't breastfeed.

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Birth Defects: It is always believed that older mothers give birth to children who have defects. However, in this study, it states that if the mother is healthy and free from diseases like cancer and hypertension, she will deliver a healthy baby.

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Labour Deaths: It is commonly known that women over the age of 30 often pass away during the process of child-birth. This again is not true, because it can happen to any woman, no matter how old they are. To avoid this uncertain experience, experts state that every pregnant mother should make sure that they exercise, stay fit and follow a good diet.

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