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What Kids Can Learn From Jungle Book

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The best way to teach life lessons to kids is by telling them interesting stories that carry morals in them. An even more interesting way to do that is by showing them inspiring movies that entertain them and explain what life is about.

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In the previous generation, when kids were more into reading books, many classics in English literature played an important role in shaping the minds of the kids.

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But today's kids are more into audio-visual stimulation and therefore an inspiring movie would do the job well. Now, let us discuss about some life lessons that Jungle Book teaches kids.


The Unconditional Love Of Animals

Animals are capable of unconditional love. When the mother wolf (Raksha) treats Mowgli as her own son, one can easily get connected to the love that our pets at home show. Many studies say that encouraging kids to develop a bond with pets is healthy as it stimulates certain feel-good hormones and keeps away depression.


Symbiotic Relationships- How We Depend Upon Each Other

Balu the bear saves the life of Mowgli and requests him to help him get honey. That is called a symbiotic relationship. We all depend upon each other in order to live. Nobody is self-sufficient on this planet. Man needs plants and animals; and animals need man and plants. All living organisms need each other for survival. In fact, even the food that we eat is digested by microorganisms in our bodies; they need our help and we need their help. Kids must be taught about this in order to avoid egotistic thinking when they grow up.


Evil Digs Its Own Grave

Sher Khan which tries to kill Mowgli falls in the forest fire and dies. Evil is self-destructive. Kids can learn why cruelty is self-destructive looking at the character of Sher khan.


Beware Of Sweet-Talk

Kaa, a python talks very sweetly and coils around Mowgli to kill him. This is a lesson to stay away from poisonous people who talk sweetly on the surface but try to dig your grave from behind.



Bagheera, the panther plays an important role in the upbringing of Mowgli. Though this character seems tough and cold on the exterior, every decision he takes and every step he makes is only for the safety and welfare of Mowgli. This teaches us about selflessness and thinking for the welfare of others.


Greed Is Destructive

The tribe of monkeys that kidnap Mowgli to see whether he can give them the red flower (fire) that makes them powerful, end up destroying themselves in the scuffle. This is a nice lesson that explains why greed can be destructive.


Living In Harmony

A jungle consists of many species of animals. But still, they coexist in harmony when there is a common purpose. When all animals come to drink water from a single source, we can see how beautiful living in harmony is.


Save The Forests

Forest fires can kill animal life and plant life. Human life is deeply connected to plant and animal life. So, the responsibility to save the forests and animals lies on the shoulders of human beings. Teach your kid about the importance of environmental consciousness.

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