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Caution: Sauna Baths May Lower Your Sperm Count

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A new study claims that sauna baths could decrease the sperm count in men. As a apart of the study, researchers examined the sperm count of a group of men who took sauna baths twice a week. Their sperm count was very low.

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In fact, their sperm count was low for many months even after they stopped sauna baths. In fact, researchers opine that it might take 6 months for the sperm count to get back to normal after stopping sauna baths.

Scrotal temperatures should be maintained low. High temperatures may affect the sperm production. But at the same time, researchers say that sauna can't be used as a birth control medium.

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It is not just the saunas- anything that heats up the man's privates isn't good for sperm production. Here are some more examples.



Researchers say that the sperm cells of weed smokers tend to swim too fast and get exhausted. This may impact fertilisation in some aces. Smoking can affect both sperm count and motility too.



Certain pesticides are very dangerous and exposure to them could lower sperm count and may also cause birth defects.



Placing the laptop on your lap isn't a healthy thing to do. The heat generated from the device could heat up the privates. Also, some studies say that the wi-fi environment could also affect sperm motility.



Even stress can affect the motility and sperm count of a man. Also, stress can impact a man's testosterone levels too.



Even eating bacon isn't a good thing for your sperm according to health experts. It could affect the quality of your sperm.


Sleeping With Undergarments

It is better to remove your undergarments while sleeping so that you can cool your privates and also allow more blood to flow there.


Tight Undergarments

Many studies indicate that wearing a very tight underwear isn't good for fertility.

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