Why Do Fibroids Cause Heavy Bleeding?

By: Padmapreetham Mahalingam
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Fibroids are also referred to as myomas. It is a non-cancerous growth found on the muscular wall of the myomertrium (in the wall of the uterus). They are mostly benign monoclonal tumors that are not dangerous (non-cancerous growths).

Fibroids vary in number and size. They begin as multiple, single cell seedlings that try to get disseminated throughout the uterine wall. It increases in size very slowly after it gets stirred by oestrogens and progestogens.

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Most women having uterine fibroids don't have symptoms. Yet fibroids cause a number of physical problems depending on size, location and how close they are flanked by the pelvic organs. Some of the symptoms of fibroids include, pain, pressure on the bladder or obstructed urination, pelvic pain and reproductive difficulties (miscarriage or infertility), sexual dysfunction, urinary problems and depression.

However many women who have uterine fibroids do have other symptoms such abnormal vaginal bleeding (increased menstrual bleeding), which includes heavier bleeding or longer periods. So here are some of the reasons why fibroids cause heavy bleeding.

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What Makes Fibroids Bleed

Gynecologic Condition
Fibroids cause excessive bleeding yet it doesn’t mean they themselves bleed. Nevertheless it is a symptom of uterine myomas (Fibroids). Abnormal bleeding is mostly a gynecologic condition. The vaginal bleeding can turn out to be abnormal if it tends to occur between a woman's menstrual cycles–– such as if the flow is heavier than normal. It is even considered to be abnormal when it appears after menopause.

What Makes Fibroids Bleed

Closer To Uterine Lining
So what makes fibroids bleed? Fibroids bleed because the tumour is quite close to the uterine lining. When fibroids tend to develop inside the womb then the mechanism that controls the menstrual flow may not work appropriately. If there is the pressure of the fibroids meddling with the blood flow it can cause heavy period or spotting between regular menses.

What Makes Fibroids Bleed

Two Kinds Of Bleeding
There are two common patterns of abnormal bleeding that occur in women with fibroids. The longer periods is referred to as menorrhagia. Bleeding that occurs between periods is called metrorrhagia. There are some women who experience menometrorrhagia in which the periods are very heavy. The average woman might menstruate for four or seven days per month, while women having fibroids will have periods that lasts eight days or even longer. However it is a serious health condition when there is a prolonged bleeding.

Fibroids usually cause Menorrhagia yet it sporadically causes Metrorrhagia. Fibroids would produce irregular bleeding when it is submucosal (grows into the uterus and also grows on the outside of the uterine wall).

What Makes Fibroids Bleed

Fibroids Interferes
Fibroids growing into the uterine cavity would be the reason for the bleeding as it impedes with normal actions of the body. Usually the mechanisms of blood coagulation (blood clotting) merging with muscular uterine contractions do have the power to stop normal menstrual bleeding. Yet when there are fibroids they would certainly try to disrupt the smooth muscles of the uterus from contracting wholly. And this is the reason why fibroids cause bleeding.

Fibroids are the main causes of menorrhagia, which can be defined as menses lasting more than 7 days or blood loss of around 80 mL per period.

Fibroids Induce Blood Vessels
Fibroids are solid tumor that grow and tries to stimulate blood vessels to expand so as to bring more blood to the uterus. Moreover due to this condition, the uterus starts to receive more blood than usual. This is certainly the main cause for heavy bleeding that some women get to experience. Sometimes excessive bleeding may also occur when fibroids cause major congestion of blood in the uterus by not letting the normal blood to flow back to the heart.

These are some of the reasons that makes fibroids bleed

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Story first published: Monday, October 26, 2015, 20:02 [IST]
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