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Conception Myths That Disturb Couples


Conception is one of the most troubling phases in a couple's life and to add to the misery, there are endless myths surrounding it! It is said that there are more than a million myths regarding conception, which create a lot of disturbance for couples who try to have a baby.

There are myths like conceiving post 35 is bad for the mother and child, getting pregnant the second time is much easier than the first and so on. When you take a look at these myths mentioned on the list, you will be surprised to see that most of the modern couples take these tales into consideration before family planning.

If you're one of those couples who think that myths are to be believed then you need to take a look at the truth behind these myths.


Myth 1

Sexual Positions Affect & Help In Fertility: "Lying quietly for a few minutes for the sperm to get to their destination can be helpful in achieving pregnancy." Have you heard of this famous conception myth which is so untrue, but yet followed?


Infertility Is The Woman's Problem: In India, if a woman fails to bear a child, it is completely her fault. This myth is widely followed in rural and urban India, and this is the reason for divorces. It is a fact that 40 percent of the infertility issues originate in men. Low sperm count, poor sperm motility, or abnormally shaped sperm are some of the things which lessen the chances of having a baby.

Myth 3

Intercourse Only During Ovulation To Get Pregnant: Women tend to follow a chart in order to get pregnant and to avoid unwanted pregnancy. This common myth of trying to conceive only during the time of ovulation is a hoax.

Myth 4

Stop Birth Control, Chances Of Pregnancy Are High: If you stop popping in birth control pills, you can get pregnant and even if you are on birth control, there is a slight possibility to conceive too. Not all contraceptives are 100 percent safe to use.

Myth 5

It's Easier To Get Pregnant The Second Time: If you had problems in conceiving the first child, the second will be easier to conceive, according to an old tale. This myth is widely followed by people who want to have more than one child. Together with this, a lot of people believe that getting pregnant a month after delivery of the first child is a lot easier, which again is a lie.

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