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Male Fertility: Precautions For Diabetic Men


Legacy is something every man wishes to leave behind on this earth. As such, most people consider having a child as the epitome of their life. But, it is an unfortunate fact that late infertility problems are on the rise in both men and women. There are many factors contributing to this like genetic disorders, obesity and alcoholism. The changes in lifestyle also lead to many infertility problems.

In recent studies, it has come to light that diabetes also plays a major role in infertility. Diabetes is the condition where our body fails to produce the required amount of insulin or fails to absorb the insulin at a cellular level. There is a significant rise in the number of people being diagnosed with diabetes, especially in the younger generation. Diabetes itself is not a life threatening issue. However, it causes many disorders in the body which can lead to infertility.

The connections between male fertility and diabetes are just coming to light. Precautions must be taken if you are diabetic and trying for a baby. Diabetic patients should take extra care to keep their blood sugar levels normal before trying for a baby.

Here, we may discuss the precautions that have to be taken to avoid the effects of diabetes on male fertility.


Male Fertility: Precautions For Diabetic Men


Healthy diet

It has come to light recently that the effects of diabetes on male fertility include a decrease in sperm count. This does not mean that the man is infertile. By following a healthy diet, a pregnancy can be planned.


Avoid high temperature

Effects of diabetes on male fertility include a decrease in sperm quality with the lowering of semen volume and mitochondria damage. It is recommended to avoid exposure to high temperature.


Emotional support

Diabetic men experience a loss of libido leading to lesser chances of pregnancy. For such men, an open conversation with his partner or a counsellor can help them on their way to parenthood.


Treat fatigue

Diabetic men often find themselves with fatigue, especially during intercourse. Remember these are not lasting effects of diabetes on male fertility and a little precaution will overcome these problems.


Treat hormone imbalance

Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas and diabetes is a condition where insulin levels are imbalanced. This also affects the levels of reproductive hormones and so, maintaining normal levels of hormones by medical support is important.



Diabetic men are often obese as well and this affects their ability to become a father. Doing regular exercise will increase your chances of fertility.


Medical support

Diabetes can lead to nerve damage causing retrograde ejaculation i.e, the semen goes into the bladder. This is one of the effects of diabetes on male fertility and getting the necessary medical advice in time will help solve the problem.


Antioxidant-rich foods

Male fertility and diabetes is also connected by the fact that an increase in the blood sugar level results in an increase of the free radicals. This will lead to genetic damage and infertility. Include antioxidant-rich foods in your diet before trying for a child.

Diabetes से पहले शरीर में होते हैं ये बदलाव, न करें अनदेखा | Diabetes Precautions | Boldsky

Understanding with partner

Diabetic men often find it hard to maintain their erection. To avoid this problem from affecting your efforts to father a child, it is important to have a transparent communication with your partner.

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Story first published: Friday, December 8, 2017, 10:31 [IST]