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Can You Get Pregnant With PCOS?

If you want to get pregnant with PCOS then do not panic. It is not easy but neither is it impossible. Statistics say that every one in three women have poly cystic ovaries these days. Can't believe it? Do a reality check. How many of your female friends have normal periods or menstrual cycles every month? Do a survey of 50 friends and you'll start believing. Treatment of PCOS is often delayed and even ignored although it is one of the leading causes of fertility problems.


Here are some guidelines as to help you get pregnant with PCOS as a condition prevalent in your body.

How To Get Pregnant With PCOS?

1. First of all you have to know and believe for a fact that PCOS treatment is possible and it can be cured absolutely. Other than some extreme cases of hormonal imbalance or genetic disorders poly cystic ovaries are totally curable.

2. You need to start early. This does not mean that you start early in your cycle or early in the morning! Try to get pregnant with PCOS at as young an age as possible. No point turning 30 and developing a whole set of other complications when you know you have a major one already.

3. That brings us to the next important point. How do you know that you have poly cystic ovaries? Usually you will know by the time you are 18 or 20 that you have this condition. It basically means that you have numerous tiny cysts around your ovaries. Periods are erratic because ovulation takes place at odd times as the cysts secrete their own hormones. A standard line of investigation would include a ultra sonogram that will give a clear picture.


4. It is very important to regulate your lifestyle if you want to get pregnant with PCOS because this fertility problem is a product of irregular living. Junk food, alcohol and bad habits like smoking will have to be quit. Late nights and sleeping till noon will not do. You need to eat healthy, exercise and rest well.

5. Weight gain is one of the many symptoms of poly cystic ovaries. Your doctor will in all probability advise you to lose weight. Do not try any antiques like pills or crash dieting to lose the extra pounds. What you need is hardcore workout to conceive quickly.

6. Sometimes a slight dose of progesterone hormones is all you need for treatment of PCOS.. This hormone usually comes as a mild contraceptive for 3 months and regulates your cycles and subdues the cysts. In severe cases hormone injections can be given.

7. You can also use special tips for getting pregnant. Make use of apparatus like ovulation strips or ovulation calender in your special condition if your cycles do not become totally normalized. Ovulation strips will give you immediate results.

Use these guidelines to get pregnant with PCOS.

Story first published: Monday, January 23, 2012, 12:02 [IST]
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