4 Signs Of Miscarriage: Reasons For Sudden Abortion

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Miscarriage or sudden abortion is the loss of pregnancy that occurs 20 weeks before the gestation. There may be many reasons for a miscarriage such as smoking, drinking, eating a certain herbs, birth control pills, etc. The miscarriage, many a times occurs very early and can go showing no signs in women. Today, we will discuss about this sign of loss of pregnancy. Take a look.

Most of the miscarriages (atleast 80%) occur due to abnormalities with chromosomes. And this doesn't mean that the problem is genetic (inherited from ancestors). The chances of it is mainly during the fertilisation of the egg. A miscarriage may not take place right away but take several weeks after the foetus died. This miscarriage is during the first trimester.

Mother's health can also become a cause for the sudden termination of pregnancy. The high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney problems, abnormalities in the cervix and uterus are also miscarriage symptoms. The cervical problem can cause miscarriage in the second trimester of the pregnancy.
Miscarriages in row is called repeated or recurring miscarriage (habitual abortion). The causes may be the same as of the single one. Take a look at the signs of miscarriage.

Signs Of Miscarriage

1. Heavy Bleeding – The bleeding in the vagina after the confirmation of pregnancy. The flow may not be constant and may come and go. Severs cramping in the abdominal region, backache and severe pain while passing urine may all be a sign to the pregnant woman that she may have the sudden abortion.

2. Other Signs – Pelvic cramps, heavy feeling in the abdominal region and period symptoms are the most common hints of loss of pregnancy.

3. White and pink discharge (blood mixed discharge), weight loss, breast firmness, nausea and painful contractions (for about 20 minutes) can also occur to show that the pregnancy is terminated.

4. Loss of foetal heartbeat and movement is a clear sign of miscarriage.

What You Need To Do: Talk to your doctor immediately and seek suggestions. Get an examination done to reconfirm the bleeding signs. It is very important to follow the doctor's prescription as that will help you have a healthy baby.

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Story first published: Thursday, November 17, 2011, 12:11 [IST]
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