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Does High Birth Weight Cause Obesity?

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Low birth weight is a problem and on the other end, high birth-weight also poses another problem! Are you wondering why?

Well, researchers now discovered the fact that babies who are born big may suffer a higher risk of getting obese as they grow up!

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If you are not really convinced then here are a few more facts about the new study which says high birth rate could pose certain weight-related problems in the future.


Take Precautions

Firstly, if you identify a problem on time, you can take precautions. In the same way, if your baby is born with a high birth weight, you may need to take certain steps to prevent unwanted weight gains in the future.


Healthy Lifestyle

Only a healthy lifestyle that includes healthy eating habits and adequate activity levels may help children from getting obese if they are born with high birth weight, say researchers.

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After studying more than 10,186 kids, researchers came to this conclusion. Yes, both low and high birth weight have their risks.


High Birth Weight

Researchers also say that children who are born with high birth weight may turn obese by the time they cross kindergarten. Compared to other kids, they may gain weight faster.


Percentage Of Risk

If your kid's birth weight is more than 5 kilograms at the time of birth, then you may need to be careful as your kid would have around 60% chances of getting obese compared to all other children.

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Healthy Lifetsyle

All such studies boil down to only point. Healthy eating habits and timely workouts are the only saving grace!

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