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Surprising And Amazing Facts About Your Newborn Baby

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A pregnant woman may have a roller coaster ride in those 9 months of pregnancy, as they can make you amused sometimes, sometimes happy and sometimes full of tears as well at some moments.

So, is the time of delivery that you may get a lot of labour pain, if you're going for a normal delivery, but then have a lot of joy as well to see your newborn.

After giving birth to your baby, you may not know all the things about your baby, if this is your first baby. There are some surprising facts that you need to know about your newborn baby.

Your newly born is all intelligent to recognise you as a mother. He/she knows your voice, your smell and your touch as well. This is all that a new mom wants, right?

Newborn babies can show much intimacy to their parents, as they hear the voice of their mom and dad more frequently during the last trimester of pregnancy.

So, let's know some of the surprising and amazing facts about your newborn baby.


No Tears

Another surprising fact about your newborn is that he/she has no tear glands, as tear glands start developing around 3 months of age. You might have noticed that your newborn baby cries without tears in his/her eyes.


Your Newborn Knows You

You may be surprised to know that your newborn recognises you. This is because he or she hears your voice in the womb all the time when you talk to others around you. A research shows that your baby can recognise you by your voice and your smell.


Your Baby's Eyesight Is Still Developing

You must know that your newborn baby can only see up to 20-feet far objects and not far than that. An average person can see up to 600-feet away.


Your Baby Likes Faces

A research has shown that newborn babies can recognise a human's face well at birth. They like faces more than toys, as you might have noticed that they get somewhat amused after seeing human faces.


They Like Black And White Contrast

This is the second thing that is your baby likes. Since your baby can't distinguish between the different colours, he/she gets attracted towards black and white checkerboard-type patterns. As your baby starts to grow, he/she gets attracted towards all colours.


Your Newborn Has More Bones Than You Have

Your newly born baby has 270 bones and as he/she grows, the bones in the skull and the spine fuse together to form 206 bones. A normal human adult has 206 bones. These small separated bones and cartilages in the newborn help in the birthing process.


That Hair May Fall Out

Your newborn baby's hair may fall out altogether in the first few weeks. The hair then grows back in the next year. The hair can be straight or curly in the coming months.

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Story first published: Thursday, February 4, 2016, 14:00 [IST]
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