Signs Your Baby Is Over-Exhausted

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Over exhaustion causes fatigue and stress in the baby. Your baby may create fuss when exhausted. Even if your baby tries to sleep, he or she may wake up soon.

Without sleeping, it is not possible to reduce the fatigue. But your baby will not be able to sleep well when exhausted.

Most of us wonder how a baby can get exhausted as babies don't have much to do throughout the day. But sleep deprivation can cause fatigue. Babies need regular naps.

They generally cry to express fatigue and exhaustion. When your baby is exhausted, you can do certain things to provide relief. They include dimming the light, feeding, holding, swaddling and rocking.

Now, here are some signs your baby is over exhausted.



If your baby's face appears grumpy, then it could mean that he is tired. Also, babies make faces when they face any inconvenience, watch out for such signs.


Rubbing Eyes

A tired baby may constantly keep rubbing his eyes, ears and head. That could be a sign he is trying to cope up with exhaustion.



You need to help your baby sleep if he is yawning too much. This is one sign which indicates he is exhausted.


Lack Of Interest

When you offer his favourite food, if your baby rejects it then it could mean that he is exhausted and needs some sleep.


Other Signs

Hiccups, sneezing, rapid breathing patterns and sweaty palms also indicate that your baby is exhausted.

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Story first published: Thursday, December 8, 2016, 16:34 [IST]
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