Is Baby Powder Safe?

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Most of the mothers use baby powder on the skin of the newly born babies. Is it really safe? Or does it cause any side effects? Well, though there isn't enough evidence on this, some sources claim that baby powder isn't healthy? Read on to know more...

Is Baby Powder Safe

Talcum powder is a derivative of talc. And what's talc? It is a mineral which contains asbestos. And asbestos contains magnesium, oxygen, silicon etc. Some brands of baby powders use corn starch.

Is Baby Powder Safe2

Baby powder is generally used to keep the tender skin of the baby dry. But using it around the private parts of both babies and adults could have harmful effects.

Is Baby Powder Safe3

Some studies claim that avoiding talcum powder for babies is better. Even for adults, it may not prove safe as health experts say that talcum powder may contain cancer-causing agents.

Is Baby Powder Safe4

Are all powders unsafe? Well, only the powders that contain asbestos are unsafe. But enough research hasn't been done on other types of powders that don't contain asbestos.

Is Baby Powder Safe5

Can your baby do without it? Of course yes. Keep the skin clean and dry. If your baby develops a diaper rash, use a cream to heal it. Ensure that the skin gets enough air and is always dry.

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Some types of powders even clog the pores and make it tough for the skin to breathe. In fact, the particles of the powder may also cause breathing problems in some.
If you still wish to use talcum baby powder, consult your family doctor for advice.

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Story first published: Friday, November 18, 2016, 12:41 [IST]
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