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How To Make Your Baby Learn Language Fast

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A new study says that using words that have rhythmic sounds and repeated sounds can help your baby learn a language fast. If your baby is taking time to understand a new language, then instead of using complex words, use simple words with repeated sounds.

How To Make Your Baby Learn Language

Researchers found that kids are able to grasp some words which have rhythmic and repeated sounds. Comparatively, they are much easier to grasp.

How To Make Your Baby Learn Language2

This study proved that children tend to have something known as repetition bias and this plays a role when they are learning a new language.

How To Make Your Baby Learn Language3

In fact, children tend to repeat certain words as it makes the sound more interesting for them. For example, words like mama, papa, banana, coco cola, tuk-tuk, cuckoo, bow-bow are easier to learn compared to other words like school, studies, science, social, academics etc.

How To Make Your Baby Learn Language4

When a kid struggles to catch the words you use, simplify them as much as possible and use words that have repetition.

How To Make Your Baby Learn Language5

In fact, that is why some adults use different words during baby talk. They too act like babies and expand sounds like the way babies do in order to let the baby understand the word sooner.

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Story first published: Tuesday, May 31, 2016, 9:26 [IST]
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