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8 Reasons Why Breastfeeding Is Better Than Bottle Feeding

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It's a tremendously joyful feeling, knowing that you are going to give birth to another human.

Wanting to hold your child in your arms, wanting to watch your kid grow up, etc, are prospects that make pregnancy one of the greatest phases in a woman's life.

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The to-be mother mentally prepares herself to face any kind of challenges that come in her way, when it comes to taking care of her child.

She makes sure she eats right and she does everything her doctor advices her to do, as her unborn's health is her number one priority.

Even after giving birth to her baby, the mother has to make sacrifices and keep aside a lot of time for her infant.

Giving up on her hobbies, taking leaves from work, etc, are all quite common with a woman who has an infant who needs constant care.

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As we all know, breastfeeding is an important part of child-rearing and provides the baby with rich nutrients that is required for his/her growth.

However, due to various reasons like lack of time to breastfeed, reduced breast milk production, etc, a mother may start feeding her baby with bottled milk.

But, is bottle feeding good for the child? Well, read about some of the reasons why breast milk is better than bottle feed, here!


Reason #1

Sometimes, even if the bottles are cleaned thoroughly, there is a chance of bacteria getting accumulated in it, which may be harmful to the delicate infant. Whereas, chances of such infections are lesser with breastfeeding.


Reason #2

Breastfeeding is not just good for the baby, but it is also good for the mother, as it known to help her reduce her post-pregnancy weight quickly.


Reason #3

Studies has shown that bottle feeding may sometimes lead to a condition called colic in infants, as they suck in the air in the bottle, along with milk, leading to gas formation in the stomach, which can cause a severe pain in the babies!


Reason #4

Bottle feeding can be time-consuming, as the process involves cleaning the bottles, preparing the milk formula, etc. Whereas, breastfeeding is spontaneous, natural and easy.


Reason #5

Long-term bottle feeding, especially during the time when the baby is teething, can lead to the development of crooked, unhealthy teeth, is what the experts say.


Reason #6

Unmonitored bottle feeding can sometimes lead to ear infections, as the baby may not swallow the milk properly and it may end up in getting into his/her nasal or ear tracts, causing infections.


Reason #7

Sometimes, bottle feeding can cause mouth burns in a baby if the temperature is not checked properly while giving it to the baby. However, this can never happen with breastfeeding!


Reason #8

Bottle feeding can come in the way of the mother-child bonding. Breastfeeding is one of the best ways for a mother to get closer to her infant and spend some quality time with him/her.

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