Best Massage Oils For Your Baby

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Baby massage is very important. A new mother massages her baby before bathing him/her every single day. Giving an oil massage before bath is very good for the baby as it strengthens bones.

This traditional practice of massaging the baby with oil before bath has been practiced since decades. However, in this generation, new mothers have replaced oils with baby lotions and creams. Well the fact is, nothing can beat the power of an oil massage. If you are a new mother and confused on which oil to use for baby massage, then here is a guide for you. Below are few healthy and skin friendly massage oils that can be really good and effective for your baby. Massage with these oils and help your baby become healthy with stronger bones.

Best massage oils for your baby:

Best Massage Oils For Your Baby

Vegetable or plant oil: Some experts suggest these oils for baby massage as they are easily absorbed by the skin pores. Moreover, vegetable or plant oil is digested easily. So, you don't have to worry if your baby is sucking his/her thumb that has oil on it.

Coconut oil: This is an ideal and most commonly used massage oil for both babies and adults. A warm coconut oil baby massage is soothing and good for the skin, hair and bones. Many women use this oil during summers for baby massage.

Mustard oil: This oil is widely used in many households for body massage. It keeps the body warm, strengthens bones and provides relief from cold and cough. During winters, this oil is best suggested for baby massage. Warm mustard oil massage also prevents the growth of unwanted body hair. You can prevent your baby from having unwanted hair on the legs, chest, hands and other body parts from an early age. If your baby is colic (uncontrollable crying), then you can mix carom seeds in warm mustard oil and massage on the baby's body to provide relief.

Olive oil: Olive oil increases hair growth. If your baby has less hair growth, massage the head with olive oil and bathe after 30 minutes. It can also be applied on the eyebrows to increase hair growth and shape them.

These are few best massage oils for your baby. If your baby reacts to some oil and develops rashes, stop using the oil immediately. Before giving an oil massage, remove bangles, rings and other ornaments as it can hurt the baby. If your baby doesn't let you give the essential oil massage, use some toys to divert the mind of your baby during oil massage.

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