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Disadvantages of Keeping A Nanny

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Want a rewarding job? Well there can be nothing more rewarding than caring for a child. But some parents have to give their children for nanny care services as both of them are working. Parents are most concerned about baby safety and care. But when they have to share the same responsibility with someone else then several doubts regarding baby safety arise in their mind. Doubts about getting a good nanny care is not completely unreasonable. Lets check some disadvantages giving away babies to day care centre or nanny care.

Trust Issue- The most important issue when you hire a nanny is whether she is reliable enough to hand over your child to her. Just because someone has a clear background it does not make her reliable enough. You never know what's happening behind your back at home. There is also news of some nannies mixing sleeping potions in the child's food so that they sleep all the while. So take care of baby safety first before anything else.

Nanny Care

Expense- One of the greatest disadvantages of having a nanny for your child is the expense. Nannies come at a very high cost and you have to spend a lump sum amount of your salary on them.

So if you are keeping a nanny just to save your career and job then better reconsider it. Sometimes the cost of proper nanny care may come at the expense of your entire salary. Consider the option of a nanny share. See if you have some friends who also want a nanny and share the expenses.

Attachment- The worst disadvantage of someone else nannying your child is the attachment that will develop between the nanny and your child. Children need a lot of time to adjust with someone else once their nannies leave. And if a nanny stays for long then there is also the probability of the child's growing more attached to the nanny than they are with you. That can be very painful for parents.

Social Interaction- If you have opted for a nanny care at home and not a baby day care centre then there is a high chance of your baby growing up to be unsocial. They have no social interaction at home and face difficulty when they are admitted to a school. On the other hand, if you go for a baby day care centre or share your nanny with other kids, the child has a room full of peers with whom he or she can interact.

Negligence- A nanny might not even be nannying the child properly and your child might move around neglected. You can never know if the child is being fed on time and all its needs being attended. Such negligence may lead to infections and diseases in the child.

So before you go for nanny care services keep these factors in mind and then take your decision.

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