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Remedies For Baby's Running Nose

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Baby's Running Nose
Babies are prone to cold and cough. A mother faces a lot of problems when the weather changes as her baby suffers from cold, cough or fever or all together. This climate change can be a problem for you as the baby has a running nose and when you try to clean it, he or she cries. It becomes very difficult to cure baby cold as they do not even take syrups or any other such medications. If your baby is suffering from cold and you want to try some home remedy, here are some ideas for you.

Home remedies for baby's running nose:

  • Try to put a few drops of saline water (salt water) inside the nose of the baby. Take a dropper and slowly lift the head of the baby upwards. When the baby is stable and not crying, squeeze the dropper. Do this 15-20 minutes before feeding the baby. This will make it easy for the baby to feed and breathe. Wipe off the mucus after 10-15 minutes.
  • Rub the running nose of the baby with a petroleum jelly. Do not use nasal sprays or tubes as they can be unhealthy for the baby. Gently massage the nostrils with petroleum jelly.
  • Steam or hot water vapour are great home remedies for treating baby cold. You cannot directly use these to cure the running nose of your baby. So, sit in the bathroom with your baby for sometime. Steam or hot vapour will provide relief from blocked nose. Close the bathroom, turn on hot water and fill the bucket. When the steam builds up in the bathroom, sit for 15 minutes with the baby.
  • A warm water bath can also soothe the running nose of your baby. This also prevents the baby from getting fever as cold water can increase body temperature.
  • As babies cannot blow out their own nose, you have to take out the mucus at short intervals. Use a bulb rubber syringe to clean the nose of the baby. Squeeze the syringe while inserting. Rub the nostrils and clean the syringe with a tissue paper. Keep cleaning the running nose till the baby feels relieved and can breath easily. After you are done, clean the bulb syringe with warm soapy water.
  • According to many doctors, the baby can feel better if he/she sleeps with the head slightly elevated. Place a pillow underneath the top of the mattress. You can also place a clean towel over the pillow. Elevating the head makes it easy to breathe.

These are few home remedies to cure baby cold naturally. Do you have some homemade tips to cure a running nose?

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