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10 Simple Tips On Baby Hair Care!

Baby hair is soft and the hair care regime of baby's hair needs to be carried with special care and attention. Be it thin, thick, curly, or practically no or less hair, parents love to play with their baby's hair. Many new mothers get tensed when she sees no hair on her baby's head. Well, here are few baby hair care tips which can help deal with baby hair problems like hair growth, thin hair etc.

Baby hair care tips:

1. If the baby is having less or no hair, shampoo twice a week. Washing baby hair for 3-4 times can make the skin dry and flaky. Try to protect the head when out in the sun. use baby caps or hats. Its is stylish too!

2. If the baby has dandruff or flakes, massage the scalp with little olive oil before washing baby hair.

3. Depending on the hair length, wash baby hair. In the growing ages, increase washing baby hair from 2 days to 3 in a week.

4. Use only baby shampoos as they don't have chemicals in the ingredients. To prevent the baby eyes from burning due to shampoo, buy tear-free shampoos which doesn't burn the eyes.

5. After washing baby's hair, comb the tangles gently. Use wide toothed comb or paddle brush to detangle the hair. One baby hair care tip is to keep separate baby comb.

6. Baby scalp is very soft and sensitive so be careful while brushing or combing. Baby's hair becomes tangled when they are dry.

7. Another simple tip for baby hair care is, try to open tangles in the hair with your fingers. It makes the baby feel less pain or discomfort. Use little baby moisturizer to soften the hair. It is easy to brush the hair also.

8. Start combing from the bottom or back then come towards the top.

9. To treat thin or wispy hair of the baby, comb gently every time and trim wisps that fall into baby's ears or eyes. For baby girls, let it grow long. Attach cute baby clips and make pony tails.

10. For thick and curly dry baby hair, slather a conditioner or baby oil after shampooing once a week. Comb hair gently from roots to scalp after rinsing the conditioner. Try shaving to get better hair quality.

These are the tips for baby hair care. Follow these tips and keep the baby clean.

Story first published: Thursday, September 22, 2011, 16:04 [IST]
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